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convince my parents to move??? TIPS PLZ!?

okay, I get bullied at school, my family is like everywhere and I have always wanted to live by my family to see them more, I found a house that I would like to live in and my aunt is moving and i would only live 3.15 miles away from them and I could see them more and its a 4 bedroom house, 2 bathroom and then it says 1-1/2 bathroom??? but anyways i really want to move and I showed my mom the house and she likes it... but my dad just WONT listen and it's really annoying. please give me tips!!! thanks,


p.s. my parents are stubborn so help me but i'm a good kid so please give me GOOD tips.. thx

But i also don't want to leave my friend but i could see her like every other weekend so it wouldn't matter and it's not that long of a distance from where i live and where I want to live. and my mom wants to be closer to family too so i'm confused... thanks for your help

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    Tell your parents that you NEED to move, and that you get bullied in school. When you tell them you get bullied be extremely graphic, and make them feel bad, than about half way through break out into hysterical tears. And, if your parents don't budge, come up with a coping plan of how you will survive through the year, it really helps.

    good luck!

    p.s making a powerpoint and writing a speech help too!

    Source(s): this is how I got my parents to let us move to Paris for the year!
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    How historical are you? If you a tender youngster, then your opinion could now not weight whatever. Your mum and dad have the proper to reside wherein they please due to the fact they're going via lifestyles as good. Present the arguments you located, however i wouldnt assume it. Sometimes, relocating generally is a trouble for men and women and in the event you havent been dwelling there for lengthy, they could wish to settle doiwn first

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