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Noncompliance to big government mandated health insurance?

People have to take stand at some point and tell the gov't that enough is enough! I will NOT be complying with the individual mandate, and I will NOT be paying fines. I encourage all of you who believe that this is an affront to your rights to do the same.

Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and stand on your principles, even if you take your lumps for it. Otherwise, your nothing more than sheep. Boy, what a powerful message that would send to washington, if everyone who was against this simply refused to comply. They would think twice before sitting up there and taking our rights for granted!


rrm38; If they take it out of my pay then theres nothing I can do. But the way it stands now, I will have to buy a policy and show proof with my tax return or pay a fine. I will not show proof and I will not pay a fine. My money can be withdrawn from the bank if they try to steal it.

Update 2:

PS; I don't go to emergency rooms begging for treatment that I cannot afford. I pay my own bills, it is a fallacy that some sheeple have been led to believe that everyone without insurance is costing them money. B.S. Never skipped on a bill in my life. When the time comes, I will die a natural death. That is my right.

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    that kind of courage is rare in a world where people do everything to get handouts, and create false lawsuits

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    The problem is that it won't be a fine like a speeding ticket. It will be a tax. I'm not sure whether they'll payroll deduct it or expect it at the end of the year, but they'll expect to see it. Are you suggesting that everyone should tangle with the IRS? Good luck with that.

  • Don't wanna pay for insurance huh? Well I'm sick of paying for people who don't have insurance and are wasting time and money going to the emergency room with a freakin cold! Stand up and be responsible!

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    I commend you for your stand. We need a fund for those that choose to fight tyranny. The government has unlimited funds to get you.

    After years of legal fighting (many of which you maybe in jail) the government could say "Oh never mind". Not even I'm sorry. But you are completely ruined, financially and your family is destroyed. Then they say "My bad" so sue me, which you can't!

    Good luck.

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    Who cares? You're the only one who will have to pay out your nose for medical care.

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    Nothing is passed yet.

    But be careful!

    They might charge your doctor $30,000 to $50,000 for a foot amputation! (Medicare allows $550 roughly)

    Obama is CLUELESS

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    They got you in mind, 1000 dollar fine and access to your bank account.

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    I already wrote my senator (I only had one at the time I'm from Minnesota) and congressman telling them exactly what you suggested. I'm sure I'm on their loon watch list now. I actually call and write all of my state and federal reps.

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    Do you pay for government mandated auto insurance?

  • I'll drink to that and to you.

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