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Can you believe that Mila Kunis from That 70s Show plays World of Warcraft?

She plays "Jackie" in That 70s Show and she plays WoW. Her boyfriend is the kid from Home Alone and he plays too lol.

Bonus Question - From 1 to 10, what do you rate That 70s Show? I rate it 10.

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    First off i love Mila Kunis she is gorgeous not to mention an amazing actress. That's awesome she plays world of warcraft :p.

    And That 70's show is like a one million!!! It is my favorite show I just absolutely love it. I recently got into it and I was watching the last season and I seriously felt sick because I was so sad it was going to end!

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    Yeah a lot of famous people play WOW like Dave Chappelle, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone to name a few. And I'll have to give it a ten it's a good show but, I never get around to watching it.

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    I think thats awesome

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