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Who would you say is the TRUE Icon: Sting or Shawn Michaels?

Both Sting and Shawn Michaels nicknames are The Icon. And they are both icons. But who do you think is a bigger icon: Sting or Shawn Michaels?

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    I know you will disagree with me, but Candle reminded me of some things that swayed me toward Sting.

    Both are two phenomenal wrestlers who are simply amazing in the ring and both have accomplished so much in their career. I can understand why people say Shawn Michaels has accomplished more and is the bigger icon because of all his memorable accomplishments and accolades. Shawn Michaels has always been known as the Showstopper and one of the greatest of all time. Shawn Michaels is definitely a great wrestler and he's one of the first wrestlers to utilize high flying along with mat wrestling. Shawn Michaels has had many great matches with numerous opponents regardless of who the wrestler was. Shawn Michaels had great wrestling matches against Bret Hart, Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, and many others. He was also in one of the biggest tag teams of all time called The Rockers. Shawn Michaels also has great mic skills and he's always been a great talker on the mic. His character is believable on the mic and is a reason why he is so successful. HBK is an icon, but icons aren't always about who is the better wrestler.

    Sting is an icon and many people seem to overlook his entire career based on his recent performances in the ring. Have fans forgotten Sting from the 80s and his matches against Ric Flair? Sting has accomplished so much in his career and has always been one of the biggest talents in the wrestling business. Sting was a great wrestler in the past and he shouldn't be overlooked. Shawn Michaels was always pushed highly as the showstopper and he has always been loved by WWE and all its fans. Sting had a much rougher road because while he was in WCW, wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash tried to ruin and tarnish Sting's career and legacy. Sting had to fight back from possible career ruining moments and he still survived to have his legacy intact. Sting is one of the biggest if not THE biggest names to never step into the WWE. Sting didn't join the world wide known promotion and he's still recognized as one of the greatest of all time. That is amazing because most wrestler careers have elevated by being in the WWE. Sting is a legend regardless of his current status. Sting helped sell out arenas on his name and he is the one that raised TNA ratings next to Christian Cage. Sting has been helped TNA on his name alone.

    Both are huge icons of this business and both are two phenomenal athletes, but being an icon isn't all about who's the better wrestler or who has had more phenomenal matches at times. Sting has fought for his legacy and he has helped change wrestling itself. Shawn Michaels had WWE to support him, but Sting had a dying WCW and a fresh promotion named TNA to further his career. Both are true icons, but i would say that Sting is the icon between the two.

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    It's obvious, Shawn Michael's is the icon. He's a true legend. Altough sting is an icon, most of the people don't know who he is but for Shawn Michaels the story is different.

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    This is a hard one.

    I have to say Sting. Mainly because when I ask my non wrestling friends who do they know in wrestling, Sting normally comes up along with The Rock. Sting is the hero from WWE. The WWE has always been either the bad guys or the ONLY guys. Sting has stood up to them and has been the face of the little guys. He made his career built on a well rounded WCW.

    It is fortunate that Jeff Jarret made up something as great as TNA so we can still see him wrestle

    edit: I can see the three year olds are in this question but are too thick to answer it. Hence the thumbs down for everyone who says Sting.

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    The Undertaker's went in the books as being an icon as well. Considering Sting's one of the only major stars in wrestling to get where he is, holding a legendary status within the business, without signing over to Vincent McMahon, I'd go out on a limb and say he's the true icon. When you dodge the biggest global conglomorate in your field of work and still maintain such a legacy, you're an icon. When you can boast being in two of the biggest factions of all time (nWo and the Four Horsemen) you're an icon. When you've spent nearly 15 years of your career essentially carrying a company with your name, you're an icon.

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    please read my ENTIRE answer before rating

    I do agree that both are bonafide icons but i have been upset with Sting lately, people are saying that he puts over young stars, but look at victory road, Joe was suppose to win with a muscle buster but Sting "forgot" and Joe had to make him submit with his ciquina clutch. In an attempt to "put over" Samoa Joe. But is he really putting him over if Sting rises up to the tna championship match AFTER LOSING the match and Joe won and has an x-division title match. How the hell did he get a title match AFTER LOSING and then the wrestler he supposedly put over is being sent down to an x-division title match. Let the x-division wrestlers face each other for that belt not a maineventer like Joe, he just doesn't belong there. But i do know most of my evidence i gave was probably booking except for Sting messing up the finish of his match at victory road. But don't get me wrong i greatly respect his days in earlier tna and days in wcw.

    But i have to go with Shawn Micheals HBK because he was so innovative and really is one of those legends who could never be replaced, people are saying Morrison is the next Shawn Michaels, no offense to Morrison but he is not or never will be in the same league as Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels was in the first ever wwe ladder match where he showed things that many had never witnessed before.

    I know i used this sort of as a platform to rant on my tna frustrations. But i would like to reiterate that i have the utmost respect for both icons but in my opinion Shawn Michaels is the bigger icon.

    Truly a great question

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    Both are Icons and have a lot in common. Both were very loyal to their companies and both are born again. I would have to Say HBK is the bigger icon becuase he has reached a wider audience

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    Sting, Shawn is the better wrestler though.

  • I think Sting is an icon because once he started in WCW he stayed with WCW to the bitter end. He was loyal to his company and for that his fans respect him. He also had a very good feud with Ric Flair and he also had a 5 star match every time he wrestled.

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    Shawn Michaels and Sting are two of the best wrestlers in the history of the buisness. I hate to put one of them down but I do believe HBK is better, remember that wrestling would not be the same without HBK or Sting, they've made HUGE impacts for our great sport.

    Wrestling skills: As a wrestler HBK. Shawn Michaels is the original high flyer, hes the man who changed wrestling today. Sting did a lot but he didn't have as many great matches as "The Showstopper". HBK has had so many amazing matches with a variety of opponents. He made Diesel, Cena and orton look good, something most people can't do. Do you think Sting can do that? No, he can't. He couldn't put on a good match with a great performer, Samoa Joe. He forgot the finish to the match, something a TRUE legend would never do in my opinion. I mean, you think HBK, Flair, Hart, Sammartino, etc. ever forgot the ending of a match, no they did not.

    Mic skills: "The Heart Break Kid grabs this category too. I mean, HBK has charisma like no other man in the history of wrestling. I mean, to me Sting always seems a little uncomfortable on the mic, don't get me wrong hes a great talker, but I don't think he likes to do it. HBK loves to talk and you can see it with his DX promos. I mean, hes so god dam funny.

    Impact on wrestling: HBK has made the most impact of anyone in the history of wrestling in my opinion. He, as I mentioned earlier, was the original high flyer. Can you imagine what wrestling would be like without highflyers? No Rey Mysteiro, Evan Bourne, Christian, Rob Van Dam, Daniels, AJ Styles etc. I mean, without highflying wrestling would be immensly different and would not be as popular today.

    Also, HBK has made a huge impact on stipulations. He was in the first ladder, Elimination Chamber, Hell In a Cell and the iron man. It was HIS idea to put the roof on the cell, can you imagine what WWE would be without HIAC, I can't.

    To sum this up, I think their both great. But HBKs the best of all time.

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    Both are well known but Shawn is the bigger star so im going with him

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