How do you feel about Michael Vick re-entering the NFL today as a Philadelphia Eagle ?

How do you feel about Michael Vick, who serving 23 months in prison for his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring; today re-enters the NFL as a Philadelphia Eagle? Did Vick pay his debt to society? What do you think about the Eagles on this matter ?


As far as the Eagles go.... I'm not surprised, Vick and his antics will fit right in Philly.

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    In my opinion, he hasnt even come close to paying his debt to society. I am a diehard eagles fan, and im pissed. 23 months in prison isnt not enough for someone who electrocuted and drowned dogs for fun.

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    I'm glad that he's back in the NFL. Honestly, I wish that there was some other league that he could play for, that would play against the NFL. Show them what they're missing. Anywho, 2 years in jail was too long over some dogs. I like dogs just as much as the next person, but they are still just dogs. Sorry, it this offends anyone, but it is the truth.The punishment was too severe for the crime, but either way, he has served his time. I would have preferred if he'd signed with another team, but I won't cry over spilled milk. Go Vick!

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    This is a big, fat ethical question. Probably the best way to know if it's good or not, is to determine whether you think it will benefit animals more or not. He's supposed to be doing things to prevent animal abuse. That's part of his NFL deal. Can he use his fame to help prevent cruelty to animals? Will he? Here's an article that can help us decide how to react as dog lovers and football fans.

    Source(s): How to Give Michael Vick a Second Chance, or Not
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    he deserves to be in the nfl. theres been other athletes who have done more and served less. lets see stallworth from the browns KILLED someone and he only did 30 DAYS in jail. and is suspended for one season. vick served 23 months and sat out over 2 seasons.

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  • justme
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    I'd say hide your pets if he moves into the neighborhood.

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    He deserves a second chance....and yes,...he went to jail

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    how do you feel being the 100th person to ask this question?

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