Who will win in the Cincy quarterfinals?

Clijsters vs Safina

Pennetta vs Hantuchova

Wozniacki vs Dementieva

Jankovic vs Bammer

---side note---

Is Jankovic FINALLY getting back on track?


10's_fan: LOL I've hated Hantuchova ever since she cried "squeaky shoes" after losing the last to sets of her Aussie Open semi vs Ana, after winning the 1st set 6-0. Haha, what a pathetic excuse for a loss...

Update 2:

I don't mean cried like tears, mexicanhat dancer, lol, I meant she complained about squeaky shoes from Ivanovic, hehe. I'm fine with actual "crying"

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    Safina - World number 1 V Former world number 1. Current should win.

    Pennetta - Defeated Williams, Pennetta in 3 seats

    Dementieva - Dementieva too strong in 2 close sets.

    Jankovic- Starting to get her form back. 3 sets

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    Really exciting for me since four of my favorite female players made the quarterfinals! This probably won't occur too often, so I'll enjoy myself tomorrow.

    CLIJSTERS - A lot of pressure will be on Safina in this match. Dinara probably won't like the sound of someone coming back from two years out of the game (though a former world number one) to beat the current number one. Clijsters also has a 6-1 edge over Safina in their matchups, so I'm picking Clijsters to win and continue her dream run in her first tournament back from retirement.

    PENNETTA - The gritty Italian veteran is showing the quality play of a top 10 player, and I really hope she gets there to break the Italian ranking record (which is 11). She's the hottest player on tour right now, winning 14 straight matches, and I expect her confidence to help her continue that streak. You have to like that she is playing the best tennis of her career at this age.

    WOZNIACKI - These two have developed a bit of a rivalry, and Caroline's been getting the better of Elena lately. I expect yet another tight match, probably going to three sets, with Wozniacki squeaking through in a matchup between two of my faves.

    JANKOVIC - Maybe JJ is getting back on track, but she'll have to avoid getting upset by Bammer to confirm this. She's had success against her in the past (6-1), so she should get through, but she has played very inconsistently this year, so she'll have to try to bring her best.

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    Clijsters. Safina continues to go over rated, and slowly is dipping, losing points, and soon will be where she should as Jankovic came down to reality as well. Dinara has lost matches recently she "shouldnt have" as top ranked player and got slautered by Williams Sisters last several meetings. Despite V and S losing they should be ranked abover her being they beat her and handidly.

    Pennetta. Shes on a hot roll, and is a bit under rated. Nice to see hantuchova playing well recently, but dont think she will get by Flavia.

    jankovic all over Bammer.

    Woz and Dementieva will be the best match and going with Elena who gets by in 3.

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    Clijsters vs Safina - Thinking Clijsters will continue her great run considering Dinara has been off form in her last few matches, although chances are that Kim will be a little nervous in her first encounter with a #1 in forever.

    Pennetta vs Hantuchova - I couldn't care less who won this encounter, but since Pennetta has been playing so well lately I'm going to have to pick her in 3 sets....

    Wozniacki vs Dementieva - HOPING for Wozzy, even though she hasn't had too much match practice and looked weak against Wozzy2 in the first round, plus Carol has had success against Lena in their recent matches. Wozniacki in 3

    Jankovic vs Bammer - I'm rooting for Jankovic despite the fact that she has made barely any semifinals this season, and to answer your side note, I think Azarenka played horribly today (lol, 11 double faults!) so I think Azarenka beat herself today.....Jankovic in 2

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    Oh boy!! i cant wait for tomorrow!!!!

    CLIJSTERS!!!!!! over safina (boo safina)

    Pennetta over Hantuchova

    Wozniacki over Dementieva--love em both but i have so much faith in wozniacki for some reason)

    Jankovic!! over Bammer--really think that JJ metrolink is getting back on track after she crahed. Finally she is getting hopeful and playing a old (but still very talented) player. And Jankovic will get more confidence and finally do something. if she loses im just going to do something... let me think of what im gonna do...

    ***EDIT- J, in Hantuchova's defence, Martina Navratilova cried after losing a match against (Steffi or Chris) so i think its mean to not like her cus she cries =(

    ****EDIT- kim lost...... =*(

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    Clijisters- I want to see her back at the top of womens tennis

    Pennetta- she is playing the best tennis of her life

    Wozniacki- She has the weapons

    Jankovic- she is hungry for more wins and wants to build confidence for the US OPEN

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    KIMMIE C in 3

    Pennetta in 2, does Pennetta wear squeaky shoes by any chance? lol, that would really put hantuchova off her game.

    Dementieva in 3, CMON LENA!!!

    JJ in 2

    maybe JJ is back on track, we will see.

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