drivers permit/license.... please no sarcastic answers!!!!?

My name is christen. I live on cape cod in massachussets and i just had a question. I got my permit when i was 17 at the falmouth rmv. A couple of years ago my permit expired. I am 21 now. I have asked this so many times and gotten so many different answers that it is ridiculous now. I dont know which is the truth. I am trying to figure out.... since i am 21 now do i still have to get my drivers permit before my license.... or can i just go and get my license? Me and my boyfriend have a almost 2 year old daughter and it is very very very hard for us to get around with her. So please i need a non sarcastic answer. and if anyone knows of any services that help with getting people around with low money and no way to get around that would also be great. Thanks

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    I am trying not to be sarcastic but helpful when i say that you should CALL or visit the E-mail site of the MVA/DMV/RMV (whats RMV?) instead of asking on line.They are the only ones whose answer you can trust!

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    You aren't legal behind the wheel without a permit, cannot take the road test!

    For an expired permit, it is required you take a new permit test and pay the fees.

    Whether you can do the permit and then the road test same day would have to be checked with your closest RMV. Road tests have to be booked, however, the knowledge test for the permit is walk-in only, and acnnot be booked in advance.

    It is all in the driver handbook.

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    in pa you can get your pelmet and go right to the drivers test try the DMV web sight if you cant find anything look for a contact us link usually at he bottom there should be an email or phone # laws are different in different states that probably why you got a few different answers

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    how about you ask your actual dmv, i'm sure they'll give you a good straight answer. in the future don't tell everyone where you live.

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    i think u can just get the lisence...but i live in california...idk if it's different

    check out this link..or call ur local dmv office

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