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Is Oregon's state run health care all it was advertised to be?

A Very Democratic State

.."it’s hardly surprising that Oregon enacted an assisted suicide law in 1994, and again in 1997, both times by a referendum of the citizens. And it’s equally unsurprising — but instructive — that it also passed the Oregon Health Plan, created by doctor and Democratic state Sen. John Kitzhaber; it went into effect in 1994. Kitzhaber rode the health plan into the governor’s officer, elected in 1994 and serving two terms.

The plan is called Oregon’s Medicare/Medicaid program, but adults not qualified for either program can nevertheless be enrolled into OHP Standard.

The program has not exactly worked as intended; after costs nearly doubled in its first six years, new enrollments were frozen for four years, from 2004 through 2008; Oregon then held a lottery, in which tens of thousands of applicants applied — for 3,000 slots.

The Oregon Health Plan, more or less a real-world model of ObamaCare, is under tremendous pressure to cut costs. They have found a unique way of doing so: They no longer pay for life-saving chemotherapy for cancer patients with less than a 5% chance of survival for five years… but they will pay to help kill them:


Hey FLoyd. ever heard of SCHIP ? ALL states have it..

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    Obama vows not to sign a bill that would increase the deficit. Even if he keeps that promise (laughable) the costs of the plan would still be a lot more than the estimates. And the politicians won't be able to help themselves over the upcoming years with more mandates added to the plan.

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    As the for-profit insurance companies dump unprofitable ie sick Oregonians off their client list, we get to pick up the tab.

    No Nation, no state has unlimited money to throw at health care. Ronald Reagan promised us that privatizing the health care system and making it for profit would force cost reductions that government plans could never do. Another failed social experiment! Sometimes hard choices have to be made. Not saying it's right, but why give an 85 yo chronic smoker a lung transplant?

    And Dr. Assisted Suicide ( death with dignity) is voluntary and most of the people who actually get the drugs never actually use them.

    Source(s): I live here in Oregon.
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    Well, they are denying care for the elderly, but offering to pay for assisted suicide already, the costs are WAY over projections, and there is no way that it will be sustainable, even with rationed care...unless they start killing 40 year olds.

    piegow...WTF are you talking about? Insurance has ALWAYS been private. Reagan did not privatize it. I carried health insurance throughout the 70s.

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    they do no longer seem to be the only state to have a "Die with Dignity" regulation. Washington state does as nicely. with a bit of luck greater states gets on the bandwagon and permit human beings to be taken care of as reliable as our pets are.

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    Oregon just passed a law to give ALL children health care. I love this state.

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    I live in Washington state. Thanks for the information, I might move there, it sounds like a wonderful place to live.

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