How to start an autobiography?

Im only twelve and on the 3rd day of school we have to write a 6 page biography due Monday so w.e im just trying to get it done


I need a sentence to start it off with ..

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  • John U
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    Well an autobiography is you writing about yourself so I always use the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) method right up front when doing these.

    So one way you can start is using this:

    My name is Jason Ford and I am twelve years old and I live with (parents, Mom, Dad whoever) in Columbus Georgia.

    Then go back as far as you can remember or what you have been told.


    I have not always lived here because I was born in Regis Minnesota and when I was four my parents and I moved here so my dad could start his new job. It was great because when I turned five I took an interest in skiing and there is plenty of snow here blah blah blah ....:)

    Then you can talk about the schools you have been to... The friends you have made thus far in your life. What your hobbies are, what foods you like and just roll with it.

    Hope it helps.

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    How To Start An Autobiography

  • Shane
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    4 years ago

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    First off, when a word starts with a vowel, you use "an" not "a". Second off, if you want to write an autobiography, you first need to figure out if your life is interesting enough that someone would actually buy and read it... and why... That'll be the basis for your plot... So where to start should be around where your "plot" began... Like if a cancer survivor wrote an autobiography, they'd probably have a brief info about life-before-cancer then 'start' with when they got sick... how they found out, etc... and go from there... An autobiography is your own life's story, so start where your life got interesting.

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    How to start an autobiography?

    Im only twelve and on the 3rd day of school we have to write a 6 page biography due Monday so w.e im just trying to get it done

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    How about getting a big sheet of blank paper, writing numbers (representing ages) 1, 2, 3 ... 12 on it, and then jotting down everything you can think of (in point form) under each number.

    You could also mix in some historical facts – not just politics, etc, but music, movies and games that you liked at the time.

    Good luck!


  • Msean
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    There's a jillion ways to do it but what I would do is list the important events in my life and then rank them either oldest to newest or vice versa.

    Once they are listed expand on each one and before you know it the pages will be filled.

  • sara
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    auto biography is written about you by you

    biography is written by anyone about someone else.

    you say both in your question.

    if you are suppose to write an autobiography, start from when you can remember . like the first time you remember seeing or touching a pet whatever, something that was Special enough even at an early age it was something you thought was cool and would remember

    was it david copperfield that starts "i was born"

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    an auto biography is a story u write about ur self you can start with ur b -day and birth place and talk about ur family and then talk about achivements or important dates and u could like end at ur 12 th birthday

    Sentence 1- It was 2 in the moring on november 2 ( or whatever time u were born/ ur birthday) my mother just had me. She cried as she held me and she promised to protect, and be by me forever. Thats when my dad picked me up and gently kissed my cheeks. Even though child birth is not easy my mom thought the pain was a small price to pay to have me in her life.

    My name is __________. I was born in ____ (Place). Even if i don't remember myself that day in the hospital i will never forget the stories i have been told. i live with my parents and __________ (siblings).

    My mom's name is________, and my dads name is________. They met ________________(time and place)-then descirbe ur family members

    then talk about events

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Simple. You tel, your life story. Ifu have a life. Ha!

  • 7 years ago

    how can u start a autobiographic what to write i dont have any idea

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