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Sick African Clawed Frog - Fungus?

My Albino ACF seems to have some sort of white cotton-like fungus growing near it's mouth. I have had ACFs for years, and I've never had a problem with fungus or anything. I am worried it will spread to my other ACF, and unfortunately I am unable to get some sort of anti-fungus for my frog. Are their alternatives? She refuses to eat, and since I can not get anti-fungus I am desperate to find some alternative to help her. I don't want to have to humanely euthanize her - but if that is my only choice...

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    First of all, separate the frogs if you can to avoid spreading the fungus.

    Are you a member of any Yahoo groups? If not, join FroggyFriends or africanclawedfrogs2006. I've never had any problems with fungus, but hopefully someone else in those groups can tell you what to do.

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    it truly is unlucky, in spite of the shown fact that many times frogs die for no discernible motive. You pronounced which you have have been given have been given examined the water (continuously a spectacular concept), so as which you will exclude risky water because of the fact the wrongdoer. If the frogs were wild-caught (or from time to time, besides the shown fact that they weren't) they could have been plagued by ability of interior parasites mutually as you got them. additionally evaluate that frogs and distinctive styles of fish (such because of the fact the observed puffer) are very comfortable to pollution and poisons of their environments. Frogs do no longer "drink" water the suitable way we do, they take in it by using their epidermis, so even curiously tiny parts of contaminants flow ideal into their our bodies right now by using their epidermis.

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