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Sick African Clawed Frog - Fungus?

My Albino ACF seems to have some sort of white cotton-like fungus growing near it's mouth. I have had ACFs for years, and I've never had a problem with fungus or anything. I am worried it will spread to my other ACF, and unfortunately I am unable to get some sort of anti-fungus for my frog. Are their alternatives? She refuses to eat, and since I can not get anti-fungus I am desperate to find some alternative to help her. I don't want to have to humanely euthanize her - but if that is my only choice...

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    In the absence of any anti-fungals (get Pimafix if possible... also Kordon Rid-Fungus is good) try aquarium salt.

    Not sure of the dosage for ACF... but fish are usually dosed at 1 tblsp per 10g by tank volume.

    Clean water with good quality is also good at keeping fungus down as is higher temperatures.

    I'd try a water change,adding the salt,and upping the temp to around 80-82F before giving up on the frog.

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    it incredibly is unlucky, although often frogs die for no discernible motive. You pronounced that think approximately examined the water (consistently a astounding concept), so as which you will exclude risky water because of the fact the wrongdoer. If the frogs were wild-caught (or often times, in spite of in the event that they weren't) they could have been plagued by interior parasites on an analogous time as you purchased them. additionally evaluate that frogs and exact forms of fish (such because of the fact the observed puffer) are very gentle to pollution and poisons of their environments. Frogs do no longer "drink" water the final way we do, they take up it by capacity of way of their pores and skin, so even curiously tiny parts of contaminants bypass perfect into their bodies right away by capacity of way of their epidermis.

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