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is it ok for a siberian husky to live in england? im worried about the weather...help please!! thanks xx =]?

i want to buy a siberian husky but i know they prefer the cold but im just worried about buying one because london can go up to 25 degrees and higher but it also and mostly is much cooler most of the time and rainy. so just want your opinion from anyone who has a siberian husky and lives in london and tell me if im just being too worried because im excited about getting a dog and dont want anything to be wrong. so yeah and thanks ! =] xx

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    I have a husky and I live in Surrey. When its hot I tend to take her out very early morning, late afternoon then again in the evening. She also loves to sleep by a fan! :)

    Before you go buying a husky puppy, read up on the breed. They are VERY VERY demanding!! I couldnt stress this point enough! And I would search rescue centres. There are plenty of huskies that need a desperate home in rescue, people who dont understand just how demanding this breed is, and alot end up there.

    I've had 3 huskies, there extremely intelligent. When they are young, they like to make a mess and eat practically everything and anything! I've lost count of the amount of socks mine have swolled over the years..

    There escape artists, can jump over a 6ft fence, or dig under it!

    You shouldnt let them off the lead, well known fact, if they get away, they will just keep on going! Even when trained, you can never fully trust them off the lead.

    Seriously, they are incredible dogs, very gentle, and give lots of love and cuddles back. But you have to know what your getting yourself into! any questions email me, address is on my profile..

    I hope this helps :)

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    Ok I used to have a Siberian Husky and he did just perfectly fine with the weather here. It can up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit here and he did fine. You just have to make sure that they are brushed many times a week. They shed like crazy. It also helps get rid of the loose hairs and cools them down a lot if they get too hot. Even though they prefer the cold, withstand fair amounts of heat. 25 degrees is totally fine. Unless Celsius then I don't know what that is in fahrenheit.

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    I live in North England and see quite a lot of Huskies taking walks where I live.

    As long as you are providing the right requirements for the dog, serious traning, 2 hours least exercise a day etc etc then the climate want matter too much.

    During the summer months it's best to exercise any dog in early morning, late evening when it is cooler and providing the dog with plenty of water, and even a kiddy paddling pool!

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    I have friends that have 5 Siberian Huskies. We live in West Texas. It's been almost 114 some days here. i can honestly say that a husky would be miserable outside in that kind of heat, but my friends keep their dogs indoors in extreme heat, and always carry water w/them on their walks. they are better suited to cooler places because of their well insulated coat, but my friends are wonderful w/their dogs and couldn't take better care of them. it depends if you are looking for a dog to be indoors w/you (but note that this breed needs TONS of exercise and mental stimulation or they can become destructive) or if you want an outdoor dog that spends little time indoors. Maryland is probably a fine place for Huskies..just be aware of the warmer months and you will need to make sure your dog is well cooled.

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    I own a siberian husky in California, which is very hot where I live. She does fine. I live her indoors when it is too hot. I wait until dusk to take her out to get exercise and I will hose her down to keep her cool if it does seem to hot still. But she hasn't had any problems.

    The breeder I bought her from told me that they are one of the only dogs that has a chemical under their coat that keeps them cool. So do not shave them or bathe them too much or you will actually be making them hotter.

    Be prepared for all the shedding. My husky sheds a lot and we brush her everyday. But they are great dogs!!!

    Oh...and they are pack dogs and need lots of attention, so I would consider getting 2.

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    Ok, I don't have a siberian husky..... and I don't live in England. BUT my brother in law has a huskie in Australia and it can get upwards of 35 degrees. Just make sure your dog always has water and, if you want, you can it it clipped in summer to reduce the amount of hair

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    Wouldn't take one to Phoenix Az in the summer (very hot)

    but seriously, England would be no problem

    I have been there a few times, and it literally never gets that hot

    Mostly you should be concerned about the energy of the dog

    these are work dogs,

    they want to run all the time

    they are VERY energetic, and are not good "house' dogs

    they need a LOT of exercise

    but they are great dogs

    (we had one in LA 10 years ago, but we had large fenced area for him to run in

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    I'm in Southampton - hour away from you by train - and someone just down my road has a Husky. He's fine, they're pretty adaptable dogs, although they need lots of training.

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    lots of people in england keep siberian huskys so i think you will be fine

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