ok im 39 wks and 5 days and still no doctor?

For some that might not remember I posted a while ago that my doc had left and the one taking over is way to far from where I live so I decided to look for a new one which I have not found yet I work in a hospital that doesn't have L&D and I have been seeing an ob there but she can't deliver me I'm so worried that I might go over and who will induce me =[ can that happ even if I haven't seeing the oncall doc that took his place trust me the other doc and his staff got a little out of my mouth but I hope and pray everything will be ok I don't understand it this is my third child and I have never gone over or had to deal with this

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    1 decade ago
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    i had to change doctors right before i gave birth as well... i didn't even have time to have an appointment, the first time i met her, she was delivering my daughter. it worked out.. she was nice, sweet, i remember her holding my daughter and doing this little dance, she was so excited about a new baby. everything was fine..

    just keep looking for a doctor, it's okay if you go a little over without being induced.. next week you may be at home already with your new little one so don't stress too much! :)

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    you should find a doctor...

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