how much does Stephen King get paid for a short story?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because of his success he can charge more than the average writer. I know you asked about short stories, but I've *heard* that he commands 50% in royalties for his novels, whereas the average author gets anywhere from 7-10%.

    The only way to truly know is if SK told you himself, because this is otherwise proprietary info between the author, his agent, and the company that paid him. This question is equivalent to asking how much someone gets paid at their job; you won't know unless they told you, so it's not public info.

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    He doesn't get paid anything (just like any other writer) unless someone publishes the story. And unless things have changed dramatically, writers are NOT paid by the word these days. Magazines are the usual outlet for short stories, and most of them have a scale of what they pay for the stories they accept. With a recognized talent like Stephen King, they may pay more, because his name on the cover will sell more copies of the magazine. The only way to know for certain what he's been paid for any given story is to have him tell you.

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    And yet even more additional information; most magazines have a pay range depending on how well known you are and how good they think that story is. Additionally, the more prestigious journals (Asimov, Analog, etc) tend to pay more than the ones you are more likely to get accepted in at first. If you look hard enough, chances are you can find a few magazines that specialize in publishing unknown authors (I know there were a few several years ago when I was in the market for such a thing). Unfortunately, these tend to pay rather poorly (and sometimes not at all - payment is in the form of free copies and name recognition for later).

  • poop
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    He said Playboy paid him $2000.

    Most 'professional' markets pay anywhere from 5 to 10 cents per word.

    But some of his short stories (like 1408 and Ride the Bullet) make him thousands more because they get optioned as films.

    Mom knows everything: according to, most magazines still pay by the word, including grade A markets like Asimov's and Analog

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since he has been writing for over 40 years,

    with over 800 million copies in print, in

    several different languages. ($__$)

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