can i get into new york university?

so im probably applying to the college of arts&sciences. i think my SAT's are going to give me the biggest problem but i've only taken them once so we'll see...just want to know what everyone thinks

uw gpa: 3.95

weighted: 6.56/7 and i think 4.33/5

took ap american studies this year (us history&amer. lit, yes i know theres no exam for amer. lit but its part of the american studies course at my school)

taking 2 more ap classes next year

14 honors classes so far and more next year

SAT: 1800 (think i would have a way better chance w/ a 1900)

US History: 730

5 on AP US History exam

Extracurriculars&awards: 4 yrs cross country (2yrs. captain, letter, rookie of the year if that counts lol)

2 yrs indoor track, 2 yrs outdoor track, house leadership club, national honors society, italian national honors society (president), 100 volunteer hours, 11x high honor roll, 7x southern conn. conference All-Academic Team, mt. holyoke book award, CAPT scholar (received 5/5 on every subject of conn. apptitude performance test), english scholar, science scholar. also first generation college student

so whaddya guys think?


forgot to add im in the top 10% of my class

Update 2:

no, i'm not doing it to show off..i could careless about that. i just honestly want to know what others think my chances are

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    yeah just try it otherwise yuoll never get in

  • 1 decade ago

    If the purpose of this is for showing off, forget it I've seen better among my fellow engineers. Get over yourself, 1/2 of my fellow Chemical Eng. were validictorians, and were not nerds anymore either, we rock the athletic seen.

    Otherwise I'd say you have a shot... A better SAT would definitely help. The Math section can be easily improved on.

    Source(s): University of Cincinnati Student
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