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How better do you think USA will be if Americans became like the Romans(disciplined and sacrificers)?

As you know Americans today are undisciplined ,unmilitaristic,and many of them willingly abandon the country in war time or economic crises(Such as many immigrants now leaving USA because of economic crises).Despite our lack of discipline and willingness to make huge sacrifices for the state,we are still the most powerful military power and one of the most economically powerful nations.We made progression that outmatches many first world countries including Japan,Germany,Britain and France.We have the highest standards of living in the world.But wany of you think we should start emulating the Roman people,gaining their tough virtues(such as strict discipline)?I think Americans should start becoming as Industrious as the Roman.I also think Americans should start becoming a culture of strict Discipline.We Americans should,instead of heavily adoring football and baseball players and pop singers,should begin to hold the miltary with the same sacred regard we give to

athletes,actors,singers,and celebrties!

We should also stop being selfish individualist and attain the Number one virtue that made the Romans become a superpower:Willingness to sacrifice everything(including our wealth and even our families) for the sake of survival of the state!If we Americans had the Roman virtues I bet we will never fall and that we will always be the most powerful country in the world!

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    Living in Rome wasn't as wonderful as you make it sound.

    The leaders of Rome (military leaders and the Senate) consistently murdered each other, or paid someone else to do it, to gain power.

    Against Roman law, Julius Caesar brought his army from Gaul across the Rubicon River (that's when he made the famous quote "the die is cast") and invaded Italy, his own country, forcing out Pompey and his army.

    The military wasn't obedient to Rome, it was obedient to their immediate commander. That would be like General MacArthur (just an example) at the end of WW2 bringing his army to Washington DC, taking control of the government and proclaiming himself President.

    Instead of going to baseball and football stadiums to cheer athletes, they went to the Coliseum, where the crowd cheered gladiators killing each other and animals killing people.

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    Go read a history book and quit watching 300. Romans were imperialistic and most people were not free. Do you want to be indentured for 20 years in the Army, away from your family, fighting to conquer some far away land for your Emperor to make him richer. I don't. They fought expensive wars while people starved at home. The top 1% owned everything and they ran the country into the ground with greed. That's why Rome fell from power. I consider my rights and freedom more important than a State. If that's what you want hope you find it, just don't bring it here.

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    I don't know, I think you underestimate modern Americans and overestimate ancient Romans. Considering the huge differences in technology, the social, political and military differences are not that big.

    There were plenty of lazy greedy people in Ancient Rome and there are plenty of disciplined militaristic modern Americans. The thing that sustained both the Roman Empire and the American Empire is that the systems put in place (both to control the people and to exploit foreigners) out-lasted the moral decay.

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    Hmm... the American credo has been rugged individualism. Becoming a self-made man. Not serving the state.

    Gibbons and the other "enlightened" thinkers overly-romanticized the Romans. Rome was neither tolerant nor virtuous nor glamorous.

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    Where do we line up to salute?

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