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How better do you think USA will be if Americans became like the Romans(disciplined and sacrificers)?

As you know Americans today are undisciplined ,unmilitaristic,and many of them willingly abandon the country in war time or economic crises(Such as many immigrants now leaving USA because of economic crises).Despite our lack of discipline and willingness to make huge sacrifices for the state,we are still the most powerful military power and one of the most economically powerful nations.We made progression that outmatches many first world countries including Japan,Germany,Britain and France.We have the highest standards of living in the world.But wany of you think we should start emulating the Roman people,gaining their tough virtues(such as strict discipline)?I think Americans should start becoming as Industrious as the Roman.I also think Americans should start becoming a culture of strict Discipline.We Americans should,instead of heavily adoring football and baseball players and pop singers,should begin to hold the miltary with the same sacred regard we give to

athletes,actors,singers,and celebrties!

We should also stop being selfish individualist and attain the Number one virtue that made the Romans become a superpower:Willingness to sacrifice everything(including our wealth and even our families) for the sake of survival of the state!If we Americans had the Roman virtues I bet we will never fall and that we will always be the most powerful country in the world!

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    As much as I agree with you, it'll never happen.

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    You mean the same Romans that had gladiator fights (where the fighters were ADORED), wild orgies and brothels (ever see Pompeii), caused extinction of many types of animals in Europe (to fill arenas for sport), had slavery, fought and invade others homelands (Britain, Palenstine, etc.) and killed any cults (like Christians) that threaten their rule? Their military had the virtues on the most part you talk of (even though their ranks swoll with 'barbarians' (aka immigrants lol) and mercenaries after Marius's Reforms around 200 B.C.), but the average CITIZEN was no more better than ours today.

    Remember our laws currently reflect their laws. Look at competition shows on t.v. like American Gladiator lol. Notice all the Latin lingo in our legal system, the way the most official buildings in D.C. look like something from Rome or Athens, our military formations and terminology such as the word "decimate". You make it seemed like we are failures and need change. Why not emulate the Ancient Chinese, Mongols or Egyptians? They meet your criteria...

    We are living a verison of the lifestyle now. The West Roman empire had a good run of about 400 years (453 AD), the East, about 1200 years (till 1453 AD). We can last long too, but the question is why and do you think we HAVE to be number 1 in this world? Does it matter to the rest of the world outside of other Americans?

    Are you not entertained!

    Source(s): US Army combat vet who has been to Italy several times, is a student of ancient history and knows thousands of Americans who have sacrificed and will sacrifice for the greater good.
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    Go read a history book and quit watching 300. Romans were imperialistic and most people were not free. Do you want to be indentured for 20 years in the Army, away from your family, fighting to conquer some far away land for your Emperor to make him richer. I don't. They fought expensive wars while people starved at home. The top 1% owned everything and they ran the country into the ground with greed. That's why Rome fell from power. I consider my rights and freedom more important than a State. If that's what you want hope you find it, just don't bring it here.

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    The Roman army was incredibly well disciplined.

    The Roman populace as a whole was not as well disciplined. They were used to politicians handing out large sums of money to gain favor and relied heavily on public handouts of bread to eat. (Think welfare, and huge stimulus payments) They made heroes out of entertainers, gladiators and crooked politicians. (Think football players, rock stars and Rod Blagojevich)

    Many Roman writers wrote of how virtuous the "barbarians" were and that the Romans would do well to emulate them.

    The sad fact is that we Americans do share many of these "virtues" with the ancient Romans.

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