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Do women think men are supposed to know how to be perfect?

Its one thing i dont understand.Somtimes i get the impression that women think men are supposed to know all the luttle details to please them,that men are supposed to know everything about them.

The truth is we dont.If a guy is doing somthing wrong in a relationship its not that they dont love you its just that they arent EINSTEIN they dont know it all!!

We didnt take any psychology subjects at school,we didnt take a what women want class.


where does common sence come from exactly? do you even know? though not

have a great day sweetie pie

Update 2:

great answer maryon

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    I don't think all women think that men are suppose to know how to be perfect.I think a lot depends on how you were raised.Some guys come from family's that have a lot of women in them.In cases like that,I think the guy is a little more aware and sensitive to a girls needs.After all you aren't all mind readers but you do know right from wrong.Some people mature faster than others,it depends on your experiences,as you get older,you get a little wiser.Hope this gives you a little insight.

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    I agree. One problem, though. I get the exact same impression about men thinking women are supposed to be perfect and know all the little details to please them.

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    naw. only some women are like that. some think that men are SUPPOSED to be everything they want when...well... SOME men arent. not all women are all stuck up or anything.

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    no we don't expect guys tobe perfect but we do expect you to have common sense and take a hint

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    No, but they should at least try to be more mature and not stupid.

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    He's just not that into you.

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