Are Buddhists atheists?

As I understand Buddhism, Buddha isn't a god and Buddhism has nothing in its teachings that would usually be considered a god. So...

Do you consider Buddhists atheists? Explain why & list what you identify yourself as. I'm especially interested in what Buddhists and atheists think about this one.

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    You are right, basic Buddhism does not involve or address the notion of any deity; that's not what the Buddha sought and it's not what he taught. He kept his beliefs about god separate from his teachings and his endeavors. He didn't intend to start a religion, he just wanted to know how to stop suffering.

    Buddhists may or may not be atheist. Many Buddhists practice more than one religion. Some Christians practice Buddhism, some who practice Buddhism also practice Shinto, Taoism, Hinduism, etc.

    Being Buddhist does not automatically make one an atheist. Some schools of Buddhism are theistic, such as Tibetan and Pure Land.

    I am Theravada Buddhist/Taoist and perhaps a deistic agnostic.

    EDIT: The Buddha wasn't agnostic, he was born Hindu, and continued some of the beliefs himself. He did teach, however, that whatever you are taught, examine it thoroughly, challenge it, question it, before you accept it or reject it, including his own teachings. He simply wanted people to think for themselves.

    And no Buddhist worships the Buddha or sees him as a god.

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    Buddhist Atheist

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    No I don't consider Buddhists to be atheists, simply because an atheist has no faith in a deity or obligation of faith. Buddhists seek spirituality within themselves and the world, and don't see themselves as a worthless person compared to an almighty god.

    Many people also associate Buddhism and not believing in heaven, since there is no almighty god to have created one. Like said before, Buddhists seek spirituality within themselves. So, heaven to a buddhist is simply a single realm where they find their personal nirvana. Kind of like "The 5 People You Meet In Heaven" =)

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    technically if they do not believe in any gods then in a way yes they would be considered atheists .. but.. buddhists are very spiritual people so I think some of them would be closer to being pantheists and deists.

    it really just depends on the individual.. its such an open .. umm.. type of spiritually/philosophy

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    The Buddha was agnostic,he didn't either accept or deny God's existence, he felt it was irrelevant to humanity's goodness.

    Buddhists can choose to be atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, even deists!

    Also, from the point of Buddha's teachings, they can also be Buddhists, ie accept some aspect of the Buddha's teachings & also belong to another religion.

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    The Buddhist faith is hard to understand. But I think it's more like an organised Angosticism, but they beleive that a non-sentient force (Karma) balances the universe and creates things. It's a very peaceful religion, very zen.

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    Buddhists do not have a SET god, not say that there is no god altogether. Some are. Some aren't.

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    Yes they are but I did read somewhere that there are sects who believe buddha was a god and they would be classified as theists then.

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    Buddhists are by definition atheists - they don't believe in "God".

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    No they are Buddhists

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