How to apply for non-local jobs?

Here's a bit of background on me: I'm a recent college graduate in my late 20's from Business Administration - Marketing. I've worked at an entry level/internship as a Marketing Rep in the entertainment industry in my town for 2 years, Besides my Marketing diploma, I also have 2 other diplomas in design and IT, and worked as a web designer.

I've spent the last few months looking for jobs out of my city in Marketing, particularly in arts, entertainment or even digital media industries, but my hometown doesn't have a huge market for that, as there aren't many companies here that offer that, which is why I'm more than happy and willing to relocate, but I haven't received any replies from any of the out of town companies I've applied for.

I'm really stuck now, and I really need to get going soon in my career, and I'm not sure how to proceed next. Are there any tips on how to apply for non-local jobs where I could get employers to respond? How do I let them know that I am willing to relocate, aside from stating it in my cover letter?

Please help, I would really, really appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It can take 2 or 3 months for a reply. They have hundreds of applicants and it takes a long time for a reply in many cases. Just keep on trying and applying.

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