should i give up on this dream?

i didnt make the dance team this year and ive been practicing super hard for the past few months bc i was dead set on making it next year. (im getting pretty deccent)...but the problem is im also a cheerleader. so far i have pretty much hated cheer- so my friends brought up pretty good point- if i dont like cheer whos to say ill like dance team? AND next year the tryouts for cheer are first (o wait it gets more complicated) nd of course i was like hell no...but half of our squad will b leaving next year so i have a good chance at captain as a sophomore (on varsity!)...nd if i blow of cheer tryouts (i no i wuld make it) and then i DONT make dance team im sol. so, should i give up dance team for cheer? or should i keep working and pray that i can make dance team?

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    "The day you let go of your dreams is the day you let go of your life"

    -Lil' Rounds (^ when she says "let go of your life" she not being literall like, dying, she means theoretically, like, how far you've gotten)

    "When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let it go."

    -Carol Burnetts

    "Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe."

    Okay, so I hope those quotes might of helped you. But if you practiced really hard to try out for the dance team then GO FOR IT.It really doesnt hurt trying. Dont listen to your friends. Dance and Cheer are two different sports believe it or not. I know its a cool honor to be cheer captain as a sophomore on varsity but if I was in high school (im still in middle school) I know I dont want to do something I would hate in high school, cuz you're only in high school once in your life. And you're gonna regret not trying out for the dance team. So if i was you, I would blow the cheer tryouts, keep on working my **** off for dance, and go ahead and tryout for the dance team. But thats just me. You've gotten this far for dance, and dont put yourself in a place you dont want to be in. It doesnt hurt trying and if you dont make it, try again. There are more opprotunities in dance than in cheer and youre goona like it a lot. But whats your gut telling you? Are you passionate for Cheer or Dance? Remember the only thing holding you back is you. Not your friends. YOU.

    ps- If you chose Dance, then I wish you good luck on your tryouts.

    Source(s): Me :) I hoped I helped.
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    Never give up! Cheer and dance are completely different. But because of your cheer experience you will know how to work in a team, understand formations, positions, be flexible, etc. Its actually an advantage for you.

    Take extra dance classes, meet with people on the dance team and find out what it takes, and practice as hard as you were before. If you don't like cheer then why do it? Make friends with the dance team girls and find out how you can make the team next time. Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a dance teacher/choreographer and dance major in NYC.
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    follow your heart. You dont like cheering so theres no harm in going for the dance team. whatevers meant to happen will happen. Youve been working hard for dance, don't settle for cheer.

    If you dont make it, I'm sure you can work something out with the cheer squas or, better still, if you cant and it wasnt meant to be then perhaps your meant to join a dance team thats not with the school? (did you ever think of that. look into other dance groups)

    p.s it may be in yoru favour to talk to the dance coach about your intentions. maybe they can help you prepare for next year. At the very least they will know how hard your trying which could also give you the upper hand.

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    wow this sounds like my high school sound like every girl who has tried out for our dance team. Okay put it simply if you want to do dance try out for it, if your cheer tryouts are first tryout for that so you have a backup if you really want to do a sport and you don't make it on dance team. Personally what happened for me was i wanted to be a cheerleader, hated it so much after my first but decided to try another year of it and in the end tried out for dance (highly competitive to get on) and i have been on dance and loved it, but i did that back up thing i was explaining because my school's cheer tryouts were first

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    it seems to me that you want to get on the dance team more than you want to become cheer captain. i think you should definitely try out for the dance team because you've been working at it for so long. if you don't make dance team, then maybe you can talk to the people who run cheer and ask if you can still try out because they have so few people. i'm not sure if that's how it works, but it's worth a try.

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    I would like to say that cheer and dancing are way different! If this is your dream then you should go for it! It sounds like you already have the practicing down. you would probably make the dance team if you practice like you say you do. So i say quit cheer and dance your heart out.

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    follow your heart its great your confidence in both. if you believe you can make the dance team next year. if i could go back i myself would take that chance. of course if ya give up your cheer and unfortuantely dont get the dance team you will be crushed but its a chance and as you grow up you will be faced with a lot of chances and choices. good luck.

    Source(s): i was in dance (80's tap & jazz) gave it up to have my precious daughter 24yrs old now. no regrets
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    Go for cheerleading. it can be a source of pride and good memories in the future. it can even help you find a job later on.

    Dancing... if you got dropped then move on. dancing is more like singing. you need have the right stuffs to begin with ( physical factors, grace, artistic personality, etc..)

    There are lots of dancers these days. Some do not even have to practice. they got the moves already. How much more if they practice.

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    never give up your dream! take extra dance lessons, or get a coach who will work with you and sharpen your dance. IF you do not make either team, then volunteer to help, manage, whatever, so the coach knows how sincere you are and how much you want it, and you will undoubtedly succeed next year, if not this very year! Good luck

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    keep on trying for that girl.

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