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what to do if a bad cut is infected and bleeding?

A friend of mine had a bad cut on his finger and he managed to stop it for a while.

He took off the plaster and said the cut looked infected and was still bleeding. What should he do?

Also what are the dangers... can he lose a finger or something?


thanks and just extra would he be ale to use it as well as before again...

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    jeez, obvious: SEE A DOCTOR!!!

    yes he can lose the finger, or get blood poisoning and die. When he gets a fever you know its getting really bad. Seriously, don't delay it, go see a professional.

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    Possibility of infection is greatest in the fingers and toes, b/c they're farthest from the heart and circulation is slower in those areas. That makes it harder to "wash' away bacteria through circulation.

    Signs of infection are redness and swelling accompanied by a hot feeling to the touch. The site feels like it has a "fever."

    Pus and red lines that lead away from the cut. The red lines are very serious and require immediate medical attention.

    You friend should call the doctor and describe his symptoms. If he doesn't have a doctor, tell him to go to the Emergency Room. If you have an Urgent Care center where you live, go there before ER.

    In a worst case scenario of an untended infection, the patient can develop gangrene in the finger and lose the appendage. Infection doesn't stay in one area. It will travel through the circulatory system and eventually reach the heart, which will cost you your life.

    Never underestimate an infection.

    Source(s): Degree in Emergency Medicine, paramedic, EKG Tech.
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    Hello go to the doc!!!! Dah!!!! LOL

    Yes he could lose his finger if it's not taken care of. I'm sure he needs meds for the infection now. If he has red streaks going up his finger & into the hand area that means the infection is spreading & he could possibly lose more then a finger.

    Not something to mess around with!!

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    even the smallest infections can cause a major problem and in the long run agony. the doctor will give him antibiotics IF it is infected and until he gets an appointment tell him to keep it clean! and mix some salt with water in a bowl and leave his hand in it to clean itself for a few minutes this will help fight off the infection a bit, but as soon aspossible go to the doctors

    Source(s): Ive had a few infections similar in my foot, and an ingrown toenail which got infected and the sooner i got to the doctors the better
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    If a cut gets infected, he will have to go to the doctor because he could get a staph infection if he is not careful. If he is not able to treat the cut himself, by all means go to hospital.

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    some indications of an infection may be pink around the decrease, if theres gooey stuff around it. you ought to placed some Neosporin on it and sparkling it a pair cases an afternoon to maintain bacteria out. If its not any greater desirable interior a pair of days seek for suggestion from including your physician.

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    rinse it with water, and then some disinfectant liquid like alcohol, peroxide, or use a lime with salt which will hurt but will work. then rinse with water again and leave it open with no band aid so it can dry and heal. if u put a band aid, it will not dry and heal as fast. yes he can lose his finger if he happened to cut his finger with an old rusty metal object you can get tetanus or diphtheria. if really concerned, go to a doctor.

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    Alright...lets need to wash it....then put hydrogen peroxide on it...then wrap it up or put some gaze on it...if it is deep you need to get stitches..there is no choice...he wont lose a finger if it is infected....but if it gets super bad...anyway...if its shallow clean and wrap...but if it is deep then stitches..get that taken care of....good luck

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    if he leaves it, yes he can loose it.. that's worst case scenerio though

    go the the doctors right away

    they have antibiotics to take away the infection and they'll tell him how to clean it properly

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