dry scalp on 3 month old, what to use?

My 3 month old girl has dry skin flaking off at the top of her head, where most men have a receding hair line. She also has a problem with dryness near her eye brows. At the corner of her eyes brows, going toward her nose, on both sides, they almost look like very tiny bubbles sometimes.

Can you treat this with baby oil? I worry about making her hair greasy, but I don't want her to be all flaky either.

Suggestions on how to treat?

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    My daughter got cradle cap pretty bad and I would let her hair soak in the baby oil (careful to avoid it getting in her eyes) after that I'd use a baby comb or soft toothbrush to get the flakes out. Then washed her hair a couple times and the cradle cap would be gone and her hair was never greasy. Works like a charm!

  • becca
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    1 decade ago

    My daughter had that when she was younger - it's called cradle cap, basically just baby dandruff. You can put some baby oil in her hair and on her eyebrows before her bath. Let it sit for about at least 30 minutes to break it all loose. Then you could take a baby brush or comb and try to get as much off as you can. You can also use adult dandruff shampoo which is a big help but make sure not to get it in her eyes.

    This is not a big deal - it basically just doesn't look good, but it shouldn't be bothering her or anything and it will go away on it's own usually before first birthday.

    Source(s): daughter had cradle cap when she was younger
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    sounds like cradle cap to me. Use a baby oil or soak it with the warm water in the bath. Then use a fine tooth comb and very gently comb/scrape to loosen the cradle cap and remove it. It may take a few goes at it to get it all off and don't be surprised if it returns. Don't use baby shampoos and the like as it will make it worse. Just warm water in the bath to wash over her hair and scalp is fine to clean it with.

    The baby oil will make her look a bit oily for a bit, and you can't really use baby shampoo to wash it out as it is basically just going to outdo all the work the oil is trying to do. Its only temporary so just put up with it till the cradle cap clears up.

    keep the moisturiser like sorbelene up to her skin on the areas of her face that are showing the effects.

    Source(s): mum of 3
  • Elaine
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    4 years ago

    Plenty of babies have cradle cap. Just take some olive oil or mineral oil (baby oil) and rub it on the babies scalp. Then take a baby brush or comb and rub softly. Then shampoo and rinse. It may take a few times, but then just do the oil before baths and it will stay away. It is very common and no big deal. sometimes it happens when you wash their heads too much. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes you can use baby oil. Though what works best is some Head N Shoulders. You use it once a week. My son has had cradle cap since day one. He usually gets spells of them. We then use the Head N Shoulders. It works great.

    It sounds like Baby Acne which is very normal. For that and since its so close to the eye I wouldn't use lotion because you might get it in her eye or she might rub it in there. I would use Aquaphor. It works great. We also used this to treat my sons baby acne.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can use baby oil let it sit then comb through with a fine tooth comb, But what i found best was this new natural emu oil, it works awesome, im not sure where you can it though, i get mine from a friend

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    it sounds like cradle cap. you can use a dandruf shampoo or baby oil. if you use baby oil, leave it in for 15 mins, get a fine tooth comb and comb out the flakes. after you comb out the flakes, was her hair good to get the oil out.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Olive oil is good for dry skin anywhere on the body. just a few drops and massage it in

  • 1 decade ago

    My son has been doing this off and on since birth (he is 14 weeks.) I usually just wash his face really well, and apply lotion.

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