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請您幫我翻譯成英文?謝謝~!! *^_^*

檢查前催劑Chloral hydrate 用藥須知

一.目的:相關檢查需約半小時,但較小的嬰幼兒常無法安靜平躺那麼久,為求檢查之詳細順利,醫師會在檢查前常給予Chloral hydrate 口服。

二.Chloral hydrate 是一種安全性甚佳的催眠劑,常用於各種檢查或手術前後幫助睡眠之用。請於檢查前30分鐘整瓶服用。





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    Before the inspection, urges medicinal preparation Chloral the hydrate medication notice One. Goal: The related inspection must approximately a half hour, but the young babies and infants are often unable to lie low peacefully that for a long time, to strive for the inspection in detail smooth, doctor often will give Chloral before the inspection the hydrate oral administration. Two. Chloral hydrate is one kind of secure really good somnifacient, commonly used helps sleep around each kind of inspection or the surgery. Please in inspect the first 30 minutes bottles to take. Three. If sets up the inspection time in early morning, please let the child preceding day of evening as far as possible late rest a spot ﹔ inspection to awaken the child earlier in that morning, can in accept time the inspection easy to go to sleep. Four. This medicine easy to volatilize, and the optical fiber will weaken the property, must therefore evade the light preservation, but cannot ice saves, the room temperature (this courtyard pharmacy paper-insulated will then reach with aluminum foil outside revertex medicine bottle evades light effect, please do not tear up, in order to avoid will affect property). Five. When this medicine Dr. Yu draws up the prescription, redesigns the good dosage configuration by the body, therefore please the entire bottle take. Six. If you for in hospital, have any question, please inquire that the hospital ward personnel explain for you.

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