Star Trek Cptn's all in a one place at one time happening?

Im not a huge fan but enjoy the whole lifespan of Star Trek so thought "Has it ever happened that ALL Star Trek Captains from the show series and the movies have met in one place at the one time?"

If it has then if I was a huge fan I would be amazed but if not, then not then what would the real chances of it happening or are there riff's/better than you/disputed mess with then thing going on.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wouldn't that be great! I wonder if they would include Chris Pine. Now, I doubt it would actually happen though mainly because I think Shatner is still a little pissed that he wasn't in the new movie. He may have it in for Chris Pine. Hmm, what would they all talk about? Its an exciting thought...very nerdgasmic!

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    1 decade ago

    That would be soooo cool, but I am not aware of it happening. Do you mean in an actual episode or movie?? It would be pretty hard to write a story line that called for the various captains of the Enterprise to meet considering they span several centuries!! And would you include captains of ships that weren't Enterprise, like Janeway of Voyager?? Cos she's one of the coolest toughest captains there ever was!!

    Please answer my Star Trek question :o);_ylt=Ai...

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