Where to find gay teens?

I'm 14 & gay and just curious where I'd be able to find other gay teens to chat with online (because I'm bored and stuff), just curious if anybodu has any sites to recommend...

P.S. if you want, anyone (especially other gay people) can add me on yahoo/msn, my msn is jonnyisleet@live.ca



Update 2:

lmao @ first answer... but I mean online

Update 3:

and no I don't know any gay teen chatrooms... a name or link would be nice

Update 4:

oh and yes I've seen dateline NBC, it IS absolutely hilarious and amazing ("I CAME TO SEE THE FIREWORKS!") but I know not to go for candy in the van

Update 5:

and I'm not in very many arts at school >.< I'm a sciences person

Update 6:

I got 2 stars... yay.. you can all star if you want

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    Seriously? In hell? WTF?

    Wow, if you don't like gays then get the hell out. Jesus! Lol

    Anyways probably just look it up, I don't know?

    Here are one that is probably not as bad.


    Make sure your not a pervert kay?

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    Go to the phone book and look for the Gay Teen Alliance.

    Find a gay bar and there will usually be a free gay newspaper that will list the GTA in your area.

    Ask you school counselor if there is a Gay/Straight Alliance at your skewl. They are all over the country. IF your skewl doesn't have one ... start one. The school is required by law to allow it and cannot have ANY other extra curricular activities if they are prejudiced against gay alliances or clubs. It either ALL or nothing. So, if they want to have a football team and a band and choir and debating clubs they HAVE to allow a gay/str8 alliance club. This allows gays AND straights to come together and find out what each are all about. It;s an exchange of views which is what skewl is all about after all.

    If now of these are available, go online and check for the GTA or Gay Teen Allaince.com and ask them if there is a group in your area. SOMEONE will usually have meetings at their homes and one of the rules of the club is that it is for TEENS ONLY. No older people, pervs, etc. are allowed to attend. The person who provides the house will be in charge of enforcing the rule and most guard that responsibility seriously.

    Good luck. I'm not a teen but I used to run a gay website where we encouraged teens to discover their sexuality and talk with friends their age about it. You're on the right track. Most gay bars will let you in on a Saturday afternoon when biz is slow, JUST TO GET a newspaper and they should show you where they have them. And no, they are NOT in the bathroom and if they tell you that, RUN! J/K I hope. The majority of older gays will recognize their coming out days and help you with this.

    Another great source for info and stories of how other guys "came out" is on www.comingoutstories.com That website helped me TONS when I was coming out.

    Most phone books with also have a Gay Center of some sort or a Ryan White Meeting Place, in a Gay/Lesbian section.


    I AM


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    Hi Little Wolf,

    Try typing in the white box in your right hand corner..Type chat rooms for gay men and something should come up..

    I'm not gay,but good Luck on your search..

    Your Friend,


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    I swareee.. This website is great! >>>


    I've made lots of friends so far and they have a forum, chat room, profiles, all that good stuff..

    and its not all about hooking up with people, its mostly just about connecting with others similar to you!


    checcck it out!

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    They are forums/online communities... but they all have chat rooms. None of them are sex hookup things, so if you're looking for that, those aren't the best ideas. But they're all really cool.

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    San Fransisco?

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    Don't give any info to anyone you talk to on the Internet no matter how nice they sound. It is ok to chat but NEVER trust they are who they say they are. You'll meet some nice guys once you start high school.

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    Well are u gay or lesbian because i dont know where to find other gays looking for relation ships(like a match.com for gays) but u could pleasure your self by masturbating while watching videos on 89.com porntube.com and other fun stuff like that. thats what i did when i couldent find other gay teens. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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    School is a good place.

    Band, drama, dance.

    Performing arts have some in them.

    I'm only using those because I'm in all three, and I know several others who are in them, and are gay.

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