POLITICAL SCIENCE FINAL ESSAY! PLEASE HELP ME!! What or who are the main civil society actors in California?

I am trying to find out who "controls" politics by having a big interest group or social organization that has the most influence on politics. Are there any company's or organizations that come to mind? I am wondering if organizations such as EQCA, or Americans for Medical Rights control politics, or at least have a major influence on them, due to the number of supporters and members within the organization.

Please help me out here I am running out of ideas for my essay and it is due tomorrow... it is part of the final so I want it to be good and full of information = )

-Thanks to all answerers.

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    1 decade ago
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    California Teachers Union, Board of Regents, Governor, Rep Waxman, Mayor Villaraigosa, LA, Gavin Newsom Mayof SF, California Federation of Nurses, Rep Nancy Pelosi, UNITE,

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