Best NON - Touch screen mobile phone ? ?

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Basically, i need a new phone and not sure what to get :S i don't like touch screens, and would prefer a samsung ---> anyone got any suggestions to what they think i should more
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Samsung Exclaim from Sprint is really friggen nice actually. Its a full keyboard.
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  • Ninja 81 answered 5 years ago
    You should get a Samsung Comeback. It's a flip phone. Orange, red and purple colors. Music player, flip qwerty keyboard, html web browser nad 2.0 megapixel camera and camcorder. Flips on the side. Hope you like this phone!
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  • AbbyRose answered 5 years ago
    Sorry, but I think Samsungs are crap. If you have the funds, go for a Motorola or an LG. Motorola is my personal choice... I'm buying a RAZR2 sometime soon. I suggest you might do the same.

    I'm not big on touch screen phones, either. And Samsung is consistently rated very low. Don't get a slider phone either- as cool as they look, the wires inside the slider fray very fast, which disconnects the screen and the keys.


    Personal experience. :)
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