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What Is The True Meaning Behind The Confederate Flag?

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    Many of the people in the United States look at or fly the Confederate Flag as something to be of a racist comment, against the African Americans of this country. The Confederate Flag being over a hundred and forty years old still packs a pretty strong punch. The truth about the flag which not very many kids today learn because of the teachers wanting to twist history to better the word of the black man.

    The flag that was raised in 1861 was of the thirteen confederate states of the south had nothing to do with slavery, or racism, but of something much more. The reasoning for the idea of the south being the "racist" side and the north being the ones who thought the blacks were equal, came from something that was twisted over time in which many people thought.

    Around 1860 the thirteen confederate states did not like the way their country was being ran, they thought they were losing democracy, and basic God given rights, which is why the south asked the union to be independent. Now this idea was something that Abe Lincoln (president and cause of the Civil War) hated, he did not like the idea of the U.S. becoming smaller which resulted in less money for the entire country. Now many people look at Abe Lincoln as the best president, when in reality he caused over six hundred thousand deaths, and over five hundred thousand wounded men and women. Well Mr. Lincoln said no to the idea and would not let the south be independent. Lincoln broke the law and should have been impeached for what he did. The law he broke was in the declaration, what basically says in the beginning of the document that if the government is taking away too many rights, or has too much power of the people, the people have the right to start a new government so they can achieve happiness. The North and the South were both for slavery, the part that comes in that makes people believe the North was for freeing the slaves, was when Lincoln Said no more slaves in the south, which he knew would hurt the south, making them run back to the union.

    Now you see, the flag doesn't mean anything of a racist comment. It means that the South had the right to be free, and anyone that flies that flag without knowing the true meaning isn't sending off the message he/she wants to be giving. So is the Confederate Flag of racist belief? NO. Of course over time the flag has been given a different meaning but it still means the same as it did than, and if your walking down the street and you see a car, truck, or house that is flying the Confederate Flag don't jump to conclusions, remember the true meaning. I myself flies that flag not for a racist symbol, but for a remembrance of the idea that so many people fought and died for, and that they had the right to be independent.

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    I believe that the true meaning behind the confederate flag is that it's a reminder of how the south began and what the south went through. I don't look at the confederate flag as a symbol of racism but those that do and still fly it are full of hatred. The confederate flag was never meant to be a racist symbol it was meant to symbolize freedom and the right to do what they wanted, now whether the right to do what they wanted was having slaves I don't care but the people who were born and raised in the south should be the ones to determine how they percept it and their perception should be the one that matters because its their past. If they believe that the flag his a sign of racism then they should change it and they should make that different they should help others perceive it differently and they should change what the meaning is. If you're a southerner and you believe that the flag represents how in the past you wanted to be free and you are free no matter what then help change others point of views and participate in it. Now me I'm not from the south so my point of view really doesn't matter in this particular topic, but I still have a voice and want to be heard. I was raised around a strong willed family where if you wanted to be heard then you had to fight for it and I'm still fighting. I visited South Carolina and I have been around the people during their mourning I didn't feel i had the right to mourn because i didn't know the nine people that were shot and killed in the worst way possible. When I was in Charleston I spoke with some people from a local Charleston church, not the same one that was hurt in many ways, but when i spoke to the people at the church i was at they didn't believe that the flag should be taken down not even the african americans wanted the flag taken down because they didn't look at the flag as an enemy or a racist symbol they looked at it as a symbol of their past that they weren't necessarily proud of but they accepted for what it was. So I'm speaking for those people saying that there is nothing wrong with the confederate flag AT ALL. So please don't look at the flag as a racist symbol look at it as the past and thrive in the future.

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    Its also about the freedom of speech If you don't like the flag you can say so. But you can't demand everyone else agree with you on it

    When the Confederate Battle flag or any flag is banned we all lose a little more of our 1st amendment It's there for the unpopular and disliked ideas and words The popular and PC doesn't need the protection as hateful as it sometimes is

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    I am a African American male and I do not see the flag as being racist. After all the hoopla that is going on about this issue, I decided to dosome research. In my findings, I found out that it was in no way meant to represent racisim. During the time of the Civil war, both North and South had slaves. The CiVil War was not over the freeing of slaves, but the fact that the South had a better economic growth and the North did not want that. Lincoln only freed the southern slaves to try to dismantle the Southern economy. Yes, there are hatre groups that use the flag in a negative way, but that does not represent the south or "white" people as a whole. Just like you cannot say all "black" people are gang bangers.

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    My 2 cents on this topic. The misconception frustrates me so bad.

    The flag is not racist. It is a symbol of patriots who were willing to die to protect this country and make sure it remained as the founders intended. Slavery was never the reason for the war but only an excuse to start one. Lincoln could care less if slavery remained and is on record stating such, even offering to make slavery legal in the Southern states in return for the South compromising their beliefs. In contrast, Jefferson Davis had a written plan to end slavery within 5 years.

    Unfortunately, we are still fighting the same battle as was fought back then. Freedom with as little interference from the federal government as possible. Teach children the truth and it will set us ALL free.

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    Lincoln was in one the most corrupt congresses in the history at that time. To say he caused as these heaths and injuries is a horrible thought. The battle flag itself was one of honor for the south. The African America people were given the choice to return to Liberia off the western coast of Africa or stay in the United States. As for me I'm thankful that some chose to stay in the USA. You would also look at the accomplishments of these people. They're to be respected not hated

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    That is actually the Confederate BATTLE Flag, not the Flag of the Confederacy.

    As to your question; are you asking the origins of the flag, or what it represents?

    As to the origin, I'm unsure. I believe it is based off the Union Jack of UK.

    As to it's representations, that depends on your perspective. To some it represents the immoral assertion of the Confederacy which was that it was acceptable to hold other human beings in bondage.

    To others, it represents (being that it is only the battle flag) the tenacious and brave rebel spirit of southern heritage.

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    No matter how president Lincoln was something good came out of his reign as presidency slaves received freedom. We do not need it hanging over our state buildings even if it was a representation of states.Put it somewhere else so it wont hurt people whose families were living in slavery. If you want to be proud of go for it but I prefer not to see it and that s my right!

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    It's a southern state flag back when slavery was going on, and the revolutionary war. So most black people(i'm not racist) consider it a racist flag, I think other wise because the united states wasnt together at the time so the north and south had there own flags.

    Source(s): My American history teacher.
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