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What Is The True Meaning Behind The Confederate Flag?

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    The bonnie blue had many meanings, a symbol of fellowship to family, friend, and acquaintances and a symbol of rebellion to those who choose to deny southerners of their proud heritage. Most likely you're referring to the Battle Flag, most popularly referred to as the "Confederate Flag." A history of the flag is shown here:

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    I believe that the true meaning behind the confederate flag is that it's a reminder of how the south began and what the south went through. I don't look at the confederate flag as a symbol of racism but those that do and still fly it are full of hatred. The confederate flag was never meant to be a racist symbol it was meant to symbolize freedom and the right to do what they wanted, now whether the right to do what they wanted was having slaves I don't care but the people who were born and raised in the south should be the ones to determine how they percept it and their perception should be the one that matters because its their past. If they believe that the flag his a sign of racism then they should change it and they should make that different they should help others perceive it differently and they should change what the meaning is. If you're a southerner and you believe that the flag represents how in the past you wanted to be free and you are free no matter what then help change others point of views and participate in it. Now me I'm not from the south so my point of view really doesn't matter in this particular topic, but I still have a voice and want to be heard. I was raised around a strong willed family where if you wanted to be heard then you had to fight for it and I'm still fighting. I visited South Carolina and I have been around the people during their mourning I didn't feel i had the right to mourn because i didn't know the nine people that were shot and killed in the worst way possible. When I was in Charleston I spoke with some people from a local Charleston church, not the same one that was hurt in many ways, but when i spoke to the people at the church i was at they didn't believe that the flag should be taken down not even the african americans wanted the flag taken down because they didn't look at the flag as an enemy or a racist symbol they looked at it as a symbol of their past that they weren't necessarily proud of but they accepted for what it was. So I'm speaking for those people saying that there is nothing wrong with the confederate flag AT ALL. So please don't look at the flag as a racist symbol look at it as the past and thrive in the future.

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    It's a naval ensign that was adopted as the Confederate battle flag. It is actually NOT the national flag of the Confederate States of America. The first such flag consisted of a single white five-pointed star on a plain blue background, called the "Bonny Blue Flag". There were three subsequent designs - the First, Second and Third National - that were the true "stars and bars".

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    The red field and the large Cross of St. Andrew made it easy to see and clearly not the flag of the enemy. The Second National Flag had a field that was predominatntly white and was sometimes mistaken for a flag of surrender or truce - no such problem with the Stars and Bars.

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