X-men/ X-factor Jean Grey Question?

Is Jean Grey alive; I searched online and some people say she's alive cause she's a "phoenix" (can someone please explain what that means) but other people say she's dead cause Woverine stabbed her cause she was possessed and evil but the 'real' Jean said to kill her since she doesn't want anyone to get killed or something, which i found really sad. So i went on wikipedia and it says

" During the time in which Jean is thought dead, Scott meets a pilot named Madelyne Pryor. They marry and gave birth to a son, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. When Scott hears Jean is alive, he leaves Pryor. Shortly afterward, he joins Jean and the other founding X-Men to create X-Factor. "

So does that mean she's alive in the series of X-Factor? And if it does, is that series still continuing making episodes?

Sorry, I know this is a lot of questions and spelling errors and longness , but X-men was a childhood fave to me, so I'm kinda curious. Thanks in advance =)

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    What Wikipedia is referencing is the original comic book X-Men (in particular the "Dark Phoenix" storyline from the early 1980s; in that, Jean Grey had taken the name Phoenix [the mythological bird of fire]).

    In the comics, Jean Grey was resurrected as the evil Dark Phoenix and fought against her former team and most of the major Marvel comics characters except Spider-man for several years. After one crucial battle, she seemingly dies (only to revert back to her former self). The animated version of the spin-off comic X-Factor tampers with this backstory a bit as you described.

    Jean Grey/Phoenix is alive in the Marvel Comics Universe (and the X-Men-related comic books)...the show's out of production.

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    hollywood jacks up a bunch of stories. i was surprised myself dat they killed off prof.x & jean

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