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Help with John Brown history please! (harpers ferry)?

1) Who was one of John Brown's inspirations to fight against slavery?

2) What 2 events triggered John Brown's retaliation?

3) What effect did the raid have on the country?

Please help and answer with proof. Whoever answers the best will receive highest amount of points! Thank You!

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    John Brown (abolitionist) ~From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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    i'm not sure it may be genuine to credit John Brown and his disastrous Harpers Ferry journey with furthering the probabilities of the Civil warfare occurring. yet in the years basically previous to that warfare, emotions have been working extreme the two professional- and anti-slavery. Brown's conflict and next dying gave a martyr to the anti-slavery reason and a terrible occasion of what ought to take place to the pro-slavery team. So his call became truthfully on everybody's lips, and in all danger tended to crystallize many "undecideds" into professional- or anti-warfare over slavery.

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