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Friend is starting to drive me crazy?

She's very jealous if i spend time with other people, and that's how she originally started to get on my nerves.

I was hanging out with a boy i liked and she was angry and saying i was "blowing her off". I also make things "awkward" by inviting him to go out with us even though it was the last night I could see him before he moved!

She was also jealous when i got invited to hang out with our friends but i didn't ask her if she wanted to go, she hangs out with people all the time with out me. I don't get jealous because that is normal.

I told her she was jealous and she was like I know, but didn't apologize.

now i feel like she's always nagging and picking on me. Like i said that i didn't want to order an appetizer at a restaurant that i didn't particularly care for because we can make it at home and the other things were better. But when she ordered it and i ate it she just nagged me about how much i was "hating" untill i was like "OMG stop it!" Then she acted like I was totally wrong for raising my voice and she wasn't antagonizing me.

I am also annoyed that she always complains about things but never takes action to fix them. She is so passive and sometimes passive aggressive. When she has problems with her roommates instead of having a conversation about it she just whines to me. She'll leave angry notes to her roommates and get an attitude and slam doors and ****. She is never open minded about the situation either, she always thinks she's right and the other person is always wrong.

I just really needed to vent a little, but if anyone has something constructive to say I'd like to hear it. All these little things add up and my attitude is not very good. I don't even want to hang out with her anymore because she wears me so thin. But she acts like her feelings are so hurt when i don't spend time with her.


The reason we are still friends is because she is a good friend. She is normally kind, and caring, and helpful and not selfish.

but when ever boys or new friends enter the picture she gets jealous and resentful. Being bitchy is her way of "paying me back" i guess for "hurting her." The reason i still hang out with her is because i know it's not intentional. she actually is a true friend.

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    From my own experience with frendz like yours, its never good to keep hanging around with them.

    If you do all that is going to happen is your going to feel worse and the clingyness will only get worse, the best thing to do is to SLOWLY drift away from her if you do it too suddenly she will resent you for it and that always makes things worse, if she starts to complain, don't talk back just ignore it and see how it makes her feel.....

    Also if you have already talked to her about how it makes you feel and she dont listen, it just goes to show how little she really cares about you

    I don't mean this in a rude way, not at all i'm just saying that if you let this behavior of hers go on any longer with you, it'll not only get worse but then she will use it against you to stab your back in the end.

    This already happened to me and i wasn't smart about it but if you still are friends with her i am truly amazed that it has actually worked out for you for so long

    Well i wish you the best of luck in your situation and hope it works out for you :)

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    with friends like this you don't need enemies

    find new friends and let her go her way, without you

    try to be unavailable when she calls, don't return texts,etc, slowly wean yourself out of her life

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