TEENS: how do you dress?

the most descriptive gets best answer!

I'm trying to make my style a little brighter since my mom hates how I always wear black so I wanna know how you dress so I could get some ideas & mix it in with the way I dress..to make me & my mom happy:]


& I'm not looking for any rude answers

& what stores do you shop at?

& no I'm not gonna steal your style I'm just gonna get ideas from you

& tell me how you do your hair & what accessories you wear(if any)

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    My style is a mix of skater, scene, and goth. I wear a lot of black and grey with random clothes of neon colors. I shop at Wetseal, Hot Topic, Pacsun, Zumiez, Claire's, Journey's, JCPenny, Target, pretty much anywhere but Hollister, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie. XD

    I usually tease my hair very lightly on my top layers or spike it with gel on a daily basis. Sometimes I just put a bow in it and pull it up into a ponytail without clipping back my fringe. My makeup is normally black eyeliner and grey eyeshadow, but I like to change it up a bit and add neon colors like pink, yellow, and blue sometimes for a change. Sometimes I even wear pink lipstick now.

    I wear a lot of skinny jeans and mini skirts. I like Converse, Vans, Etnies, Uggs, and combat boots. I like to slash up my tights/leggings and wear another color underneath. I wear a lot of bows, barrettes, and bobby pins in my hair and on chilly days I wear a beanie. I like big sunglasses and big tote bags.

    I also wear a lot of leopard print and zebra print, and my belts are usually black or white and studded. Sometimes I wear bandanas hanging outta my back pocket and around my neck, wrist, or ankle.

    I usually paint my nails black or neon green. Sometimes even neon green with black tips. XD

    I wear graphic tees, layering tees and layering tanks mostly, and I am usually wearing a hoodie. Lots of times I wear band merch too like buttons, wrist bands, and tees.

    My accessories are usually big necklaces, arm bands, rubber bracelets, fingerless gloves, and headbands.

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    Well I don't really think you'd like my style but I'll tell you anyways hah. I try not to blend in with everyone in school, blending in isn't my thing. My style I would classify it as "Traditional Prep" and no, not the preps these days that turned it into a ugly stereotype that wear Hollister and AE and Abercrombie. I wear classic Ralph Lauren Polos. I always wear jeans that are usually skinny or flare. I wear Coach sneakers and sometimes Boat shoes or Vans. I also wear Armani Ex which consists of Tee-shirts and colorful clothing. I like my style (: and you should to. Don't follow the trends at your school but don't be too weird. Have your own sense of style in whatever makes you feel comfortable. I used to wear black a lot too but I realized it isn't for the reason of being sad or anything but for the reason that I like to dress classy and sophistocated. Just find clothing that you are drawn too and makes you feel comfortable. Comfiness is probably the best thing to look for in what you wear. If you're not comfortable, it isn't worth it. With my hair I usually mix it up. Some days I'll wear it straight and other days I'll slightly curl it. If I don't have time I'll just tie a part up in a pony tail and just leave some out, it looks nice. I don't really change accessories a lot. I wear the same jewlery everyday only because it's all real gold and it would just get confusing taking things off and on everyday. Makeup is also an aspect of what you look like and what you feel comfortable in. I don't wear a lot, maybe just eyeliner and mascara but I see a lot of girls I seriously over-do it. But then again, it depends on the texture of their face and what they actually look like....just remember to be yourself and feel good about yourself as well.

  • 4 years ago

    Because parents know how society judges you: 1. The clothes you wear 2. The people you hang out with 3. The way you speak. Two of those are already pretty much messed up for a goth because you look like a freak, and you most likely hang out with other freaks. When a person sees a goth walking around they automatically assume he/she is a rebel, a misfit, or a freak. When I walk around the mall, I catch myself finding the whole goth look a bit funny looking. What's the point? It makes you look like a freak, the clothes are probably uncomfortable, you spend a long time preparing to look like a freak every day by putting on all the black lipstick and makeup and whatever else, and society is going to judge you as an outcast before they even hear a word exit your mouth. If I was a parent, and my son or daughter tried to go gothic, id put an end to it.

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    I wear a lot of black, but always try to wear some colorful accessories with it, because only black is making me sort of depressed. It depends on my mood, sometimes I don't wear black at all and just go with jeans, sweater and converse, I wear converse with everything and also love to wear shirts with vests. I mostly shop at HM, not the teen section because that stuff is awful.

    I straighten and back comb my hair. And dye it black. And I do not look emo in any means, I swear XD.

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    I don't really have a style, I just wear what I feel. If I feel happy I will wear something floral or colourful. If I'm depressed or angry I'll wear skinny jeans and dark colours. I shop at places like Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Topshop and the cheap and cheerful Primark. Because I have a short bobbed hairstyle, I can't do much with it so I go for the messy look if I'm in my depressed mood. But if I feel happy and like I want to make an effort I curl it with my tongs. I don't really wear hair accessories.

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    1 decade ago

    well i just wear what i think looks good

    Ill have something really preppy on one day like a pink dress with my hair in a messy bun and then the next day ill wear like a black shirt black pants and a scarf/vest thing

    One of my favorite outfits is black leggings,black t-shirt with silver and blue picture and a grey sweater that is like normal length in the back and then the ends go like down to my knees in the front..it's right sweet lol

    and another one of my fav outfits is this like awesome Boho dress it's like purple and green pasley ish and it's tight at the bust and then flowy from the waist down and the sleeves are long and have elastic wrists so there kinda puffy..lol it sounds awful but it's really pretty

    and i usally wear it with leggings :)

    I buy most of my clothes at walmart and zellers (mostly because im a bit "curvier" then most and the clothes and AE and aeropostale and stuff don't fit) But when im shopping for something special i go to Kohl's or Sears haha

    Oh and if you care im 12 ..and an actress (which probably explains the random styles)

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    1 decade ago

    I mainly shop at Abercrombie, Hollister, and Pacsun. I also like Ruehl, American Eagle, Free People, and Wet Seal.

    In the summer I like to wear bright or patterned babydoll tops or tanks & graphic tees, destroyed shorts, and for shoes I wear bright flip flops, flat sandals, or gladiator sandals. I don't wear any Abercrombie/Hollister logo tees though. For fall/winter I like cardigans, destroyed and super skinny jeans, and boots. Usually I either straighten my hair or leave it wavy naturally, and just hairspray it... occasionally I will scrunch it. For accessories I like headscarves/headbands & bracelets & rings, and always a purse.

    Since you're used to wearing black your style must not be that girly, so if you want to brighten up your style I would reccomend tees from Pacsun. They have really cool bright/neon colored graphic tees that may fit your style without making it look like you're totally changing your style.

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    I know I'm a guy. But i do have a sense of style.

    If your low o money. And still wannt to be fashionable

    Shop at Aeropostale and Hollisters Clearance Aisle.(;

    You cant go wrong with bright clorored shirts and Jeans.

    Also you could make the back of your hair wavy. Get some

    low lights/Highlights ( depending on your hair color) and get side swept bangs and make that straight. Thats very sexy. My gf does that.

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    Well, on a normal school day:

    Skinny jeans/flare

    Nice top/shirt



    Since my mom works at JCPennys, I'm pretty much stuck there. Every once in a while I get to somewhere else. Despite what you may think, JCP has more than "Pretty girl preppy" clothes. Plus, they always have sales going on.

    Straighten my hair with a Chi flat iron.

    Shop at: JCP, Aeropostale, Pacsun, Wet Seal, Forever21

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    1 decade ago

    i wear converse practially everyday, there are soo many different kinds they can match whatever your heart desires.

    i LOVE necklaces. it all started with one last year.. and since then i never go anywhere without at least that one necklace on, but thats drastic measures. if i can (which i try to make it so) i will wear at least 3 whenever i go somewhere. i just cant get enough necklaces :) long ones short ones, they dress up any outfit.

    i shop at wet seal, charlotte rousse, jc penny sometimes has cute stuff, american eagle a little; i do not shop at hollister or abercrombie aeropostle none of that cause they always want to plaster their name across many of their shirts so i just dont bother. its more origional when you wear stuff that isnt like that

    and that what i like :) to be origional.

    i wear lots of bright colors im not afraid to wear something zebra print or loud, nope.

    and skinny jeans are awesome.

    hair stuff is cool too. bows, headbands sometimes, ribbons, etc.

    its ALL great :)

    so i dont want to write something TOO long, so thats enough

    hope you got something :)

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