Have you ever been a victim of a Russian Internet Love Scam?

Have you ever been a victim of a Russian Internet Love Scam?

I'm asking on behalf of a friend who thinks he's in love...

I have a friend who claims to have met a beautiful Russian girl online, and he even showed me some of her letters...I googled them and they are word for word the same thing that other victims have recieved. I plan on telling him about this. This incident did get me thinking however, how far has it ever gone with anybody? Can you share personal experiences, of how much/badly you or a friend were scammed?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My cousin fell for a Russian Chick. He ended up sending money through western union and never heard from her again.


  • Lola
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    1 decade ago

    wow, you should definitely show him all you found on the subject.

    I googled it too, I'm not sure if you've seen this one:



    I knew one girl from Russia who came to US, but she actually had a visa, and then when it was about to expire, she got married and moved to Hawaii. But that was different, since she was already here, and no Internet thing was involved before her coming here. She did want to get married so she could get a green card, but she met her husband here.

    But if you found letters like that online already, that's DEFINITELY a scam, so tell your friend to be very careful and tell him not to send any money to her!!

    There are some scam examples on that website I posted before.

    Good luck to him!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nope...can't say that I have...

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