Cheap Fantasy Football Team Players?

Joe Hart had a good U21 run (despite his hilarious antics) do any of you think he will be the first choice goalkeeper for Birmingham & do any of you think he'll have a decent season? Valued at £1.5million, bargain?

Micheal Turner for Hull, impressive first season with hull, valued at £2million, can he keep up the form?

Ryan Shawcross from Stoke, £1.5million, had a decent season with Stoke, views?

Titus Bramble, Wigan, £2million, if i do believe so he bagged a few points last season in the fantasy league, can he do it again?

Lee Cattermole, Wigan £2.5million, had a good U21 competition can he continue in the PL?

BQ: Recommned a cheap player that you think can do well?

BQ2: Who's in your fantasy team?

Carlos Tevez at £5million i think is a bargain, considering Torres is rated at £9million, Rooney £8million, Anelka £7.5million and so forth.


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    your team has good ideas, but you need to think about the team as well as the player. For example michael turner may play well for hull, but the rest of their defence isn't as strong, therefore they will still concede and he won't get as many points. Like shawcross though as stoke don't concede too many. Also, tevez may be cheaper, but he won't score that many goals, as hes not an out and out striker, so he won't get as many points, whereas torres is a certain to score lots of goals, especially considering the service from the players around him.

    my team is reina in goal, then carragher hangeland, baines and L.young. midfield is A.young, fellaini, neville and mikel, up front is torres (c) and adebayor.

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    actually, i do unlike your draft in any respect. The gamers are stable, yet I do exactly no longer in basic terms like the set up. i think of Cutler will outplay Romo. I nevertheless are not getting why Cutler is thus far down the draft boards. would not hassle me, nonetheless, as a results of fact this is a few stable fee later interior the draft. it somewhat is in basic terms approximately such as you are able to wait to draft a QB interior the seventh around as a results of fact Roethlisberger and Cutler will probable nevertheless be there. besides, it seems such as you probable had the 2nd %. on your draft given which you have Michael Turner. Then, you probable have been given Calvin Johnson and Steve Slaton next. i do unlike which you have 2 TEs, nonetheless. you in basic terms choose one, extremely. as a results of fact the season is going on, you will have the flexibility to function and drop for off weeks and injuries. there is not any choose for 2 TEs. neither is there a choose for 2 DEFs. Minnesota is powerful adequate. lower back, you are able to upload and drop as a results of fact the year is going on. you will possibly have saved those alternatives for ability breakout gamers, like Knowshon Moreno. he would be the only determination in Denver to run the ball, till they provide Buckhalter a stable little bit of contains. i think of Knowshon will ultimately be the featured guy, nonetheless. After Calvin Johnson, you have a huge kind 2 receiver and a huge kind 3 guy. i admire Breaston, yet i do no longer comprehend if Warner might have the flexibility to reenact what he did final season. Breaston won't decide for one million,000 yards. in the event that they do commerce Boldin, then Breaston's a stable pickup. i'm specific Ted Ginn replaced into available to you in some unspecified time interior the destiny. They have been given a ton of weapons in Miami. he's honestly one. usual, i will furnish you with a C as a results of fact the aptitude is super, however the fee is lacking. It seems such as you will possibly have had extra effective concepts.

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