Microsoft Access Query by date?

I want to do a query by date using a range of dates (i.e. August 1st thru August 15th). I know this can be done...just forgot what to put under criteria. If I want one date (i.e. 8/3 I type that in) but I don't know what to type for a whole range of dates.

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    Microsoft Access Query by date?

    To enter a date range in a query (as fixed criteria), your can write the following as:

    Between #01/08/2009# And #15/08/2009#

    See for Date/Time data type criteria examples.

    For a Date/Time data type field, the above is entered (without typing the # characters).

    For a parameter query, where you are prompted to enter two dates (start and end as a range), you write criteria as:

    Between [Enter Start Date:] And [Enter End date:]

    Just make sure each prompt is entered with a valid date in the format "dd/mm/yy".

    See for more about parameter queries.

    Hope this helped.

  • 5 years ago

    I'm not following your question. If you have 2 unbound date fields in a MS Access form you can't have the information saved back to a query, simply because they are unbound fields ( no field source on a table). You must create a query with a date field with the following criteria: Between [Start Date] and {End Date]. Each time you run the query (or any form based on it) you will be asked to type the beginning and the end dates, setting a range of time to display. I'm not sure if I answered your problem, but I tried. Makiavel

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    7 years ago

    But will this also capture the start and end dates or just the dates in between?

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