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Raffle prizes for a Wedding Jack & Jill?

I asked this yesturday but I need more responses...

I was wondering what are some good prizes to have to raffle off at my Jack & Jill??

So far I thought of Gift Certificates

I need more help!


I need like 20-30 gifts between $10 and $ 25 each!

Update 2:

It's indoors during winter and there is no theme.

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    his and her gifts!

    Day of golf for him, day at the spa for her.

    Grilling set for him, kitchen set for her.

    Action DVD for him, Romance DVD for her.

    A nice wallet and a nice clutch.

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    25-30? Well, keep them small enough to carry in a small container.. Like a bag. You don't want to be loaded down with boxes and boxes of raffle prizes, when you will have all those other decorations and stuff in the car, too. Plus, your tastes might vary slightly with some of the guests' tastes, so if they don't like what they win, it is like a total waste of money. Go simple and give the guests more room to make their own choices..

    CASH gift cards are nice..

    Movie tickets

    Gift certificates to specific places, like restaurants, grocery chains, theme parks, putt-putt golf, bowling alleys, Ice cream shops, retail centers, pet stores, netflix, i-tunes, etc..

    I think you are right on track with the gift certificate idea.. Just buy cash gift cards, and try to keep the gift certificates as easy to use as possible.. Like- If you are going to do movie gift certificates- make sure its AMC or REGENCY or something that is generally available to all of the guests, even when they get home.

    And get restaurant gift cards like DARDEN restaurants, so that if there is not a red lobster near them, they can always go to another Darden owned restaurant.

    I wouldnt go out and purchase anything you really have to be loaded down with, though. Let the people enjoy events. I find that this is always the best type of gift to give- the gift of a memory.


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    You could do lottery scratch off tickets, espically if it isn't something that most of the people normally purchase. They go really well for work raffles we do here for charities.

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    Are you having a theme? Give something related to the theme.

    Is it outdoors? Give an outdoor item like an individual cooler, or a beach towel.

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    Go to an adult store and buy different lotions and "toys." Should be fun and interesting.

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