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What is the situation at the real estate market of Israel?

Is buying a flat or a house in Jerusalem or other areas of Israel a good idea?


Texas Hommie, really? Good news. Are there more ?

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    The real estate market in Israelis pretty hot. Home sales in Israel jumped 57% in June of this year, compared to the same month in 2008. June 2009 saw 1,540 homes sold nationwide, compared to just 980 a year earlier. The Jerusalem area, where 30% of all apartments sold were located, making it one of the country's hottest areas. Overall, 92% more apartments were sold in the Yerushalayim area during the first half of 2009, compared to the same period a year earlier.

    So, if you want to buy a property in Israel, you´d better hurry.

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    If I do not forget safely, the inventory marketplace crashed in 1986. It used to be in a few approaches worse than the crash of 1929. But not anything so much occurred to the common individual. Apparently the stipulations that created the crisis of 1929 were corrected. A lot of traders viewed the loss as a "paper loss;" i.e. the inventory is worth much less, however it's not relevant if you do not promote it. In time, the inventory could move up once more. And it did. I heard particularly a couple of men and women of modest signifies that stated they had been purchasing inventory after the crash, for the reason that they knew the importance could move up now.

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    Israel is the promised land. There is no place better and any amount that you would have to pay would be well worth it. It's also very true that if you want to buy, you'd better do it quick. After all, Israel is only a small place. Investing in land or housing in Israel is a wise decision.

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    You have to wait until the Persian engineers finish them plans of ...redecorating the area.

    It will only take a second son. I promise.

    The Machine

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    You can probably get them cheap. There always seems to be a missile raining down on them. Stop Hezbolla

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