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快 help 我plzplz the example carefully.rewrite the following sentences into questions.1.alan has a new computer1b._____________________________2.mum put the cheesecake into the fridge2b.___________________________3.sally will be a mother soon.3b___________________________4.kelvin and kenny are koo os reading in the lirary.5b_______________________________B.complete the sentences with the correct pronouns,contractions and verbs. pronouns+'ll won't+get send wave come work help miss visit1.our class teacher,miss ko,iskind._________her after she leaves our school.2.mary has a fever.she asked me to tell the teacher that_________to school don't have to wait for santa claus.__________you when you're awake.4.i'm sorry._____________hard next time.5.if you don't study for the exam,_______________high marks.6.pat your dog softly______________its tail.7.jack and jill are helpful.________________you when you ask for help._

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    1b ) Is Alan going to have a new computer ?

    2b ) Is mum going to put the cheesecake into the fridge ?

    3b ) Is Sally going to be a mother soon ?

    4b ) Are Kelvin and Kenny twins ?

    5b ) Is Mr Koo os reading in the library ?

    1 ) Our class teacher , Miss Ko is kind , we'll miss her after she leaves our school .

    2 ) Mary has a fever , she asked me to tell the teacher that she won't / she'll not come to school today .

    3 ) You don't have to wait for Santa Claus , he won't / he'll not visit you when you're awake .

    4 ) I 'm sorry , I'll work hard next time .

    5 ) If you don't study for the exam , you won't / you'll not get high marks .

    6 ) Pat your dog softly , it'll wave it's tail .

    7 ) Jack and Jill are helpful , they 'll help you when you ask for help .

    (I am not sure it's all right , but I hope this can help you ! ^ ^ )

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