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可唔可以幫我翻譯(中翻英) 20點


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    Wrapped up in this summer vacation, I go to reach the book exhibition with several friends. The field of book exhibition is much larger than the past one, I have spent more than two hours, have only done two is slaughtered. This is wrapped up in the arrival of the personage of all trades and professions, the scene is very lively that seem. Unless field though very the heavy, very more in stream of people,may 20 anniversary of book exhibition Pangs right, each stall is filled up with crowds too. Recall that it is really very terrible too to stand up! Each stall disappear, sell with a different one tactics come, coax reader buy the book too, shelf main fact too until favourable price come, attract reader buy book very, make, read Die feel thing exceed, worth. In among the times of activity, I buy left 4 book altogether, reap very much abundant.

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    Binds in this summer vacation. I and several friends arrive at the book exhibition to go together. Book exhibition's location former is much bigger. I have used for more than two hours. Only good two slaughters. This binds has various trades and occupations' public figure's arrival. Appears the scene is very lively. Although the location is very big. But the stream of people are many. Possible suitable Pang book exhibition's 20th anniversary. Each vending stall has also crowded the crowd. Recalled also is really very fearful! Each vending stall also uses differently to disappear sells the technique to roar the reader to buy the book. The shopkeepers also use the price which gives preferential benefit to attract the reader to buy the book. Causes to read feels the above the price in value more than sixty years old. In this time activity, I altogether buy the left 4 books. The harvest is very rich.


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    During this summer vacation, my friends and I went to a book exhibition together. The size of the exhibition was much larger than before. I spent more than two hours but only walk through two isles. Here they had people from different professions and it was very crowded. Although the place was very big, it was crowed with people. May be because it was the 20th anniversary of the book exhibition, every vendor was full of people. It was pretty scary when I think of it. Every vendors used different technique to attract book readers and the owners also gave discount to lure them. The reader felt like they had a very good deal. In this event, I brought four books in total and they were such a great deal.

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    My friends and I went to the book exhibition in this summer vacation. The place of the book exhibition is larger than the previous one. I spent two hours for walking two aisles. Many people from different companies/industries come here to visit, so the place is really lively. The flow of the people are tremendous despite the size of the exhibition place. Maybe it’s the 20th Anniversary of the book exhibition, every vendor is crowded with visitors. I feel very scared when I thought back about it. Every vendor use different sales methods to convince the visitors to buy books, the vendor also apply discount prices to attract the visitors to make purchases. I bought four books in this activity, and I feel very rewarding.

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