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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急!!有關公司英文翻譯信件請英文高手幫忙 !!20點





2.XXX的Brand?Model No.?





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    The medical environment is similar to Japan, populations are however only 1/5 of Japan, and annual average income is about 1/2 of Japan, therefore, the market size is approximately 1/10 of Japan.

    The requirement of XXX is on large medical centres, their operation room have fixed type of XXX already, yet mobile type (XXXX) per as your produdct is not fully electric-driven so far.

    ABC are interested in importing one unit for these medical centres' probations, and kindly request your assistences in: -

    1. A quotation on regular price and price for demonstrated unit.

    2. Indicating then Brand of XXX and its model number.

    3. Letter of Authorization (as attached). ABC need to apply licence from Taiwan MOHO before importing.

    4. The picture of the product on English pamphlet should be a real picture instead of making-up by computer. (in your Japanese pamphlet, "superme" should be "supreme")

    There will be various things to do for a putting a new product to market, we will give our opinions from time to time. Let's work together and do our best.

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  • 1 decade ago



    Taiwan’s medical environment is very similar to that of Japan; whereas the population is about one fifth of Japanese population. The average annual income is about half of Japanese income. Therefore, the market size is about one tenth of Japanese market.


    The demand for XXX should be in large scale medical center. There are fixed type of XXX in every operation room. But there is not one power type as your XXXX.


    ABS is interested in importing one first for a test drive in each major medical center. Please help with the following:


    General price quote, floor model price quote

    2.XXX的Brand? Model No.?

    The brand and the model number of XXX


    The authorization (attached). ABC needs to apply for a license from Taiwan Ministry of Health before we could import it


    English catalog. The photo should reflect the actual product and not a composite picture. (The Japanese catalog you attached misspelled supreme as superme.)


    There are many tedious works involved in bringing new products to the market. Please help us. We will also offer our feedback. Let us strive together.

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  • Celine
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    1 decade ago

    Taiwan's medical environment is the same as Japan, people

    engaged in this industry is around 1/5 to Japan's. Annual averaged

    revenue is 1/2 to Japan's. Therefore it's forecast the whole market is around 1/10 to Japan.

    XXX's demand should be in large medical center, in which the

    operation rooms have already the fixed type of XXX. Yet,

    regarding mobile type of XXX, we don't have currently. ABC is

    interested in importing one for each large medical center for trial use,

    please help us:

    1. what is the quotation?

    2. Please advise what brand of XXX, and its model number.

    3. Authorized letter (as attached), ABC is required to prepare,

    so that we are able to apply for import license and make it legally


    4. In the English literature, has the product photo really been taken?

    or computer revision? (your attached Japanese brochure, superme

    should be supreme, right?)

    There are lot of things to do for new product launch, we'll appreciate your kind help, in the meantime, we will also provide opinions in due time, let's work together.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Medical environment in Taiwan and Japan, the population of Japan, 1 / 5, the average income in Japan is about 1 / 2, so the market size in Japan is about 1 / 10,

    XXX needs to be in a large medical center, in his surgery room, we have fixed the XXX, but if your type products (XXXX) There is no all-electric

    ABC is interested to import a major medical center for the trial, please help:

    1. General pricing, pricing displays

    2.XXX the Brand? Model No.?

    3. The Powers of Attorney (if attached), ABC would like to Taiwan MOH () apply for a license to import

    4. English Catalog, the product should be for the actual photo, not computer-generated map (you attached to the Japanese Supreme directory should only Superme)

    There are many new products listed on the complicated matter, please help, we will provide advice, we work together to

    (Declined translation software!!!! Please Thank you!!!)





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