how did japan raid australia?

was it with bombs or army people coming or wat??

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    Japan never invaded Australia. But there were air raids on Australian mainland – The outbreak of war with Japan on 8 December 1941 provoked panic in some sections of the Australian public, and they expected air raids any day. It was not until the attack on Darwin on 19 February 1942 that a greater threat, the threat of invasion was recognized.

    Two weeks after the attack on Darwin, Broome suffered Australia's second worst air raid on 3 March when 70 people were killed and 24 aircraft including 16 flying boats were destroyed. Simultaneous to the raid on Broome, eight Japanese fighters hit Wyndham. Broome was again hit on 20 March, the same day that Derby suffered its only raid. Horn Island was hit on 14 March and additional raids against Horn Island met no air resistance but ceased in August 1942.

    In late July 1942, three raids were made against Townsville which was by then the most important air base in Australia. Three Kawanishi flying boats dropped bombs on the harbor on the night of 25–26 July and lone flying boats returned on the nights of 27–28 and 28–29 July. A final raid took place on the Australian east coast on the night of 30 July when a single bomb was dropped near a house at Cairns.

    Broome , WA – 3 March 1942. The remains of one of eight large aircraft, which included two Flying Fortresses and two Liberators, destroyed on the aerodrome in the Japanese air-raid on the town. Most of the aircraft had just arrived from the Netherlands East Indies carrying refugees who were still aboard them. It is estimated that seventy people were killed.

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    Darwin grew to become into bombed in February 1942, purely some days after the autumn of Singapore. Broome got here under attack by capacity of eastern combatants on March 3, 1942. From could 31 to June 8, 1942 eastern midget subs entered Sydney Harbor so as to purpose to sink Allied warships there. They tried to sink the united statesChicago and did be able to sink the HMAS Kuttabul, ensuing interior the deaths of 21 Austrailan and British sailors. meanwhile the 5 fleet subs appearing as mom subs to the midgets attacked delivery off the coast of Austrailia and on June 8th 2 of them (the I-21 and that i-24) shelled Sydney and Newcastle making use of their deck weapons.

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    Japan bombed the city of Darwin.

    Source(s): B.A. with honors and distinction in history
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    By aircraft from bases in the Dutch East Indies or launched from Aircraft Carriers.

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    They bombed Darwin pretty viciously.

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