Letters home from basic training?

My boyfriend left for air force basic training last Tuesday. I recieved a text with his address on Thursday and dropped him a letter in the mail Friday morning. when about should I expect a letter back? I'm already going insane not hearing from him and it's only been a week!

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    My brother went through air force basic about two years ago. Instead of a text, we recieved a very rushed phone call where he had to give us all the information as fast as possible and couldn't answer the questions you want to ask, like, how are you, is everything ok, are you okay?

    As far as his receipt of our letters, I think that varies. My personal experience is that we wrote him tons of letters, w.o recieving one in return. We kept writing them anyway, we figured he was very busy which he was. We we finally did recieve a letter, it was him being upset that we hadn't written him. We couldn't believe this. We keep writing and hoped for the best.

    We flew to Texas for his graudation and he told us that three days before graduation he recieved a big bundle of all our letters! So I tell you this to let you know when you are in basic there are all kinds of thinks that can happen to mail. Going and coming. They get lost, or misplaced, or maybe one letter is off in the long address they have. Lol.

    My advice is to keep writing as often as you can, even if you don't hear anything. He will get them eventually, and maybe he is getting them doesn't have the time to respond. But they always appreciate the letters. It gives them a quick escape from the current hell they are living. I hope this is helpful. As stated my brother is Air Force, and my husband is Marine Corps. I have alot of experience in writing letters. Hang in there, and stay busy. The time will find a way one passing.

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    The first couple weeks are HELL??? This is the Air Force we're talking about, right? Lol.

    SGT Carr

    U.S. Army


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    first couple weeks are hell. He might now have a single minute to write letters. Trust me, he will when he can.

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    my fiancee is in kentucky and it takes two days for his to get to me, and about two - four for mine to get to him. but he's in the army tho.

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