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Mario Kart Wii, The Homebrew Channel, Hacks...HELP?

Okay I have been working all night trying to figure out how to get Mario Kart Wii hacks, such as, when people are always invincible, big, unlimited blue shells...etc. I downloaded these few things:



3: HackMii Installer

From this site,

I sent them all to my SD Card Card and put them in a new folder called The Homebrew Channel. I put the SD Card in the Wii and went to SD Card and it says something like "Running SD Card" and then nothing shows up and I even went to Wii Options and SD Card and still NOTHING. I have been trying to figure this out ALL NIGHT LONG I have been to dozens and dozens of sites with different downloads and different tutorials and I downloaded dozens of different things and nothing is working. Well actually I did download something that at first a couple times my Wii kept freezing and it said if you paid for this you have been scammed...Good thing I didn't pay lol. I have been to and yahoo answers and millions of other sites. IM SO FRUSTERATED I cant even think anymore. I just want some cheats so I can unlock Mii outfit number 2.

By the way YES I have Zelda Twilight Princess


If you want to register me as a Friends on WFC my code is...

3995-9853-5989 My name on there is Uncle Dreg if you would like to add me go ahead and give me your number so I can add you and we can play.

Thank you for everyones help!!!



Oh and I also downloaded GeckoOS v1.07b from this site...

Update 2:

The Dream Unicorn.... I did do that and it did not work nothing popped up when I went to my SD Card on my Wii

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    youre crazy dont put all of that in there. use bannerbomb. go to to find it.

    hmmmm.... well i dont know what else to tell you but i did see a video that i used to install the homebrew channel on my wii. it was for 4.0 but it should work on every version thats what the maker of the vid told me. ask him for help

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    What needs to be understood is that you can't use the files if they aren't on the root of your sd card. That means that whatever is in that folder you named The Hombrew Channel needs to be taken out and put where that folder originally was.

    Ok, that may be a little complicated. Here is how you're SD card is organized now:

    SD>The Hombrew Channel>apps, private and boot.dol files.

    Here is how it should be:

    SD>apps, private and boot.dol file.

    Hope that helps. Also, if you need any more info on installing it, use this site:

    Source(s): Experience - done it 5 or 6 times now.
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    You have to get usb loader gx. Get mario kart wfbs and use wii backup manager to put it on a usb drive. You also have to use the usb port closest to the edge.

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    Extract and place boot.elf and private in the root of your sd card and goto wii settings and save data managment and look at the channels in the sd card to install Homebrew Channel on your wii.

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    Wow, honestly, with how confused you sound (do you even know what the homebrew channel is???), you shouldn't do this. If you're just wanting cheats, and yet you're going through all of this, it sounds like you have NO idea what you're supposed to be're going to f*ck up your Wii, bigtime.

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    idk about your hacking problems but I'll add you :)


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