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Calcuate K at 300 decrees C?

Ammonium chloride is sometimes used as a flux in soldering because it decomposes upon heating: NH 4 Cl(s) (arrow to right and arrow to left) NH 3(g) + HCl(g)

The HCI formed removes oxide films from metal to be soldered. In a certain equilibrium system at 300 degrees C, 8.2 g of NH 4 CI is present. The partial pressures of NH3 and HCI are 2.0 atm and 5.0 atm, respectively. Calculate K at 300 degrees C

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    K = (products / reactants) raised to their respective powers based on coefficients in balanced chemical equation.

    Note that solids and liquids are not included in K expression.

    K = [NH3] [HCl]

    K = [2.0] / [5.0]

    K = 0.4

    Hope that's correct.

    Source(s): 1 year of General Chemistry @ research university
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