What would you rate my Fantasy Football Team?

I picked number 9

QB Aaron Rodgers

RB LaDainian Tomlinson

RB Frank Gore

WR Dwayne Bowe

WR Eddie Royal

WR Anthony Gonzalez

TE Dustin Keller

DST Green Bay

K Garrett Hartley


QB Kyle Orton

RB Derrick Ward

RB Darren Sproles

WR Steve Breaston

WR Ted Ginn Jr.

WR Juaquin Iglesias


This was a 12 team draft. People keep thinking it's a ten but i think i would have to be out of my mind to draft this team in a 10 team draft

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    For a twelve team draft, you did excellent. Dwayne Bowe is a big risk though, and other than that, you have good depth but don't really have any standouts at WR. Think about trading Derrick Ward and Steve Breaston for solid WR (example: Desean Jackson) and sleeper, lower end RB, such as larry johnson or Felix Jones, or a better TE. TE is a position that you have to fill every week, and you can treat it like a filler position, trying to find the best waiver wire player, or you can treat it like a position where you can score big points, just like RB2 or WR2.

    So overall, excellent picks, great depth. Think about trading for a better wide receiver and/or TE, but overall, 8 or 9 out of 10.

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    I give you a 10. Yes at first it was a nine but then I got to thinking. Aaron is ready for his year. Now a may be a bit bias as im packer fan but still hes ready. Tomlinson and Gore are top of the line. Your receiving corps is young and ready to explode with Royal being bumped ahead of Marshall on the depth chart. Gonzo is ready to blow up with harrison gone. Bowe is the only good target with Gonzalez gone so Cassel will look his way often. Keller is iffy but f he pans out he will be explosive. Green Bay switching to the 3-4 with Kampan moving to LB and Raji up on the line they will dominate. Especially with Capers as the D coordinator, they also brought in Clay Matthews. Hartley is a sleeper who will be awesome. Solid Back ups except you may want find someone better than Orton and drop Iglesias cause he will be nothing. Take it from a multiple year fantasy winner!

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    You have a terrible tea,. Your weak at every position. I give you team a 4/10. The only thing you might be decent at is RB. You need a better WR. You will end up finishing about 8/10 in the standings

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    9 out of 10..good team..Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, a top 5 QB...LT will shut everyone up and show he still got it..1300 yard rushing with 12 touchdown..BOWE as well will be good..Im not sold on Royal with cutler out cause i dont like orton, but i do like the fact that you have such good rb,

  • 4 years ago

    your bench sucks and tampa bay's protection is suspect. you overlook they play interior the nfc south with carolina and atlanta. look on the offensive gamers on those team. there is distinctive factors they'll renounce interior the those video games. none of your bench gamers are going to do something for you. maybe bledsoe. for the main area they are the two coming off injuries or decrease than performers. so your terrific case state of affairs is to need none of your starters get harm. mcnabb performs interior the nfc efficient and doesnt have sturdy receivers or a respectable back. boldin is large, moss became large, mason wont supply u enormous numbers. johnson is large. bush would be large. witten performs in dallas have been terry glenn gets distinctive the balls and stats. so the starters look tremendously sturdy.

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    i would go 7.5-8 royal will be your #3 wr and shouldn't! im not buying orton there has to be better backups out there, keller isn't going to do much for you, and tho i think lt bounces back nicely this year, gore was the 14 overall rb last year, and your hoping cassel can preform like he did last year with your number one wr!

  • Brad
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    1 decade ago

    Excellent roster!

    Although you reached for Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd, I'm guessing your a homer. Could have landed him in the 4th and used the 3rd round to solidify your receivers who are lacking.

    Good luck this year.

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    1 decade ago

    how many teams? you got a bad number to pick but i don't like it much. you don't really have any sure thing wr. your rbs are ok but not that great with the qb you got, you should have got at least one stud(i am not sure lt will be that man its great you got his back up tho). i don't want to discourage you but you will need some break out players. but **** luck my friend!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just your average, middle of the road team right here.

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