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Women: Sex with uncircumcised vs circumcised?

I just want to know what womens opinions are about having sex with one or both types. Btw I am uncircumcised, and I'm 18, and I am just curious to know. Also I am a still a virgin

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    I've been with both so my opinion is not biased and I can honestly say that I MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer intact (uncircumcised).

    Feels better, for both of us. (A circumcised penis is a bit abrasive and leaves me a bit sore the next day. An intact penis is so smooth and gentle, and the foreskin sliding back and forth feels so good!) Not to mention an intact penis is much funner to play with.

    Basically I pity girls who refuse to have sex with an intact man because they're convinced it's "gross". They're the ones missing out. It's not gross at all.

    I find intact looks better too. The glans is healthy and shiny because the foreskin protects it. The glans of a circumcised penis is dried-out and calloused because it's always rubbing against clothing.

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    I have had experience with both, and I prefer natural and uncircumcised.

    Uncircumcised is more sensitive for the man.

    However,the main difference is in masturbation, since uncircumcised men can move the foreskin up and down over the head and back. Som circumcised men still have some skin movement, but a lot have tight circumcisions and don't have movement at all. Kind of like if you retracted your foreskin and held it tight at the base of the shaft, and then tried to masturbate.

    I would pick uncircumcised for the following reasons:

    -easier to give a handjob to

    -more skin = greater sensitivity and a whole variety of different things you can do to stimulate him - the foreskin is great to play with

    -to me, uncircumcised looks far better - it isn't scarred, and it looks natural

    My last two partners have been circumcised, but I would have prefered it if they had been natural.

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    Not much difference IMO. When the penis is hard the foreskin pulls back anyway, so it ends up looking pretty much the same as a circumcised penis. There's maybe a little extra skin to work with when giving a hand-job, but other than that you can't really tell the difference during sex.

    As far as cleanliness - if you wash your junk properly, you'll be clean, if you don't you'll be dirty - doesn't matter if the guy is circumcised, just don't sleep with dirty men who don't know how to wash. It's a predjudiced and unfair assumption that uncircumcised men don't know how to maintain proper hygiene.

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    good question, but im circumcised

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    I eat 'em both ways :3

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    Definitely circumcised. Much cleaner and although they ( your doinker) are not that attractive, I definitely find a circumcised one is much better looking.

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    What difference does it make? They taste the same either way...

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    cant tell the difference when its hard so who cares?

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    I prefer circumcised!

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    it doesnt matter to me

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