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Is it right what child support is doing in this case?;_ylt=AmiqJ...

This was posted in Law and Ethics, but I think it should also appear in here. It's worth reading.

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    I'm coming back to change my answer, because I think we're being set up here. The question you posted from username "Momma Love" has an inordinate amount of Best Answer from you... You obsess over child support injustice. Her first question was about a woman getting herself pregnant using a turkey baster and then using that to file for $2000/month in child support. Then two weeks later, she all of a sudden has such an extreme case of child support injustice. How many accounts do you have, man? Do you vote on your own answers from those accounts? I have to say, the old woman picture you painted was pretty vivid for a fake. Congrats, but I see right through you.

    You sent me this e-mail: "California follows the federal standard of up to 18 years retroactive." You gave me this link as support:

    I read it. Federal guidelines simply says that states have the flexibility to make their own laws regarding child support. But you never sent me anything about California's child support guidelines. I found this link that California does not allow child support to be retroactive to birth:

    But I think you knew that. You sent me that long document hoping that I would be deterred from reading it based on its length. I think you are on a campaign of disinformation about child support. You have to make up these ridiculous stories, such as paying $120,000 after knowing you were the dad for only three months? On your profile you make up outrageous statistical figures, but provide no citations. All of this is done to support your notion of how unfair it is to pay child support.

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    It is unfortunate this happens. My stepson just found out after screwing around for ten years that Calif. is a state you do not want to mess with when if comes to child support. He had a daughter 10yrs ago in Calif. Than he left Calif and went to AZ lived on the streets or in Jail for several years. Than about 4 years ago he met another girl in AZ and had 3 more children with her. Now he wants to hold a job down to take care of her and his 3 kids but low and behold here come Calif wanting to collect arrears over $45,000 worth. They started taking half his salary every month resulting in them losing their apartment and going to a shelter again! Today you cannot escape from paying child support. Many deadbeat parents thinks they can just jump from job to job and never get caught but now they not only will denied you a passport but will file a judgment on your credit report so that you cannot even purchase a bike let alone a car for transportation. I told my stepson to go to Calif and file a modification on the child support showing you have other children to support now. Granted it will not erase the arrears which he will be paying till the day he dies but at least they can reduce future child support payments and maybe spread the arrears out on a lower monthly scale that he can afford. He now is going back to Calif to do that.

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    It isn't right,but the lawmakers and courts don't listen.

    It is the same with credit problems and getting a job.

    Someone has a financial rough spot,loses their job,gets behind on the bills - the credit starts taking hits.

    An employer won't hire you because of your credit report,not on your qualifications for a job.

    A job would let you fix your credit,but the employer wants your credit squeaky clean before they will offer you a job.

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    I've never heard of child support reaching into the spouse's income, and I have trouble believing it. Do you have a link, or something that verifies that California does this?

    And no, of course it's not right. That's awful.

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