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What is the birds and the bees?

I never had the talk and just trying to figure out what is the bird and what is the bee. How do they interact with each other and what is it about?

Please don't answer with the sex word.

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    It's a metaphor for springtime, when the birds and the bees come out and all the animals (on the farm in the old days) are busy frolicking and having/making babies !!!

    (It's not like the male is the bee and the girl is the bird, that would make one unhappy girl, having a guy with a stinger so small... LMAO)

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    I am fairly certain that the birds lay eggs and bees sting with there stingers. And when a bird wants to have little birdies to keep the world going they lay eggs and bees get pollen and bring it back to the hive for the queen bee...actually I don't know i hope somedoes cause I am going to check back. I always wondered how they came up with birds and bees myself.

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    When older adult wanted to talk about sex and didn't want the kids to know what they were talking about.

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